All I want is Victoria to have a normal life, but will that be possible?......


1. Chapter 1

I was running with Victoria. My past was chasing us.

" You can't have her!" I screamed as I met a dead end.

Laughter of all sort of creatures arose from the darkness. Victoria started crying.

" You're alright Victoria," I fake smiled," they won't hurt you because I won't let them."

She cried even more as they came closer.

" Give me my child," A man with black hair and blazing red eyes ordered me.

" She isn't your child!" I shouted," and you better run away before I banish you again!"

" I loved you," The man was calm," but you stabbed me in the back and broke my heart. Now, it's time for me to return the favor."

He started to say a familiar language. The demon language.

I started to speak the language of light and hope.

Victoria started to walk towards him suddenly fascinated.

" Victoria, no!" I tried to grab her but she resisted me.

" Daddy!" She jumped into his arms.

" Ahazu!" I cried out," please! Don't take her away! I'm sorry!"

" It's too late for sorry!" He yelled out as a portal of darkness appeared before them.

" I'll do anything you want!" I ran before him," just give me back Victoria!"

He laughed as he and other demons entered the portal leading them to the demon realm.

When the portal closed, I knew only one thing.

Victoria was gone....





I woke up to Victoria crying and sat up in my bed.

It... It was just a dream. A horrible nightmare.

I walked down the hall and fount Victoria on the floor drawing and sniffling in her room.

Turning on the lights, I noticed the lamp on her night stand fell and broke.

I sat beside Victoria and asked," What are you drawing?"

She gave me a drawing of a blue creature with black horns with a barbed tail. Or at least I think it was. She was only five and couldn't draw that well.

" Was this in a dream?" I asked.

She shook her head and pointed at her closet.

" I see," I nodded my head," what about you go to the kitchen. I'll make you a grilled cheese when I get there, ok?"

She smiled and ran out of her room.

I shut the door behind her.

" I know who you are," I whispered grabbing hold of the closet door," and I can banish you back where you came from Rook."

I heard growling as I opened the closet door.

" We can either do this the easy way," I said," or the hard way. It's your choice."

The demon walked out into the light.

" Before I send you back," I said," I have to ask you something. Why did you come here? How did you get in?"

" I was attracted here by a strong force," He explained," and I used a portal. How else would demons get into houses or the human realm?"

I grit my teeth all ready annoyed with him.

" The realm of shadows and death."

" I have fount one of your evil little pets."

" Now it's his time for him to return."

" Hopefully, he burns!"

The demon caught on fire and screamed in agony.

He soon turned into black ashes.

I turned around about to go get the broom when I suddenly froze.

There in the doorway was Victoria. She stared up at me blankly.

" Let's go get that grilled cheese!" I grabbed her hand.

She turned her head around once to look at the remains of Rook.

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