Bad Boy. Good Lips


1. part 1

Hey guys my name is Emily and I'm 17 years old and I have two brothers Matt and Damon and they are both 15.... Oh yeah my parents died when I was 14

Emily's P.O.V

So Today I'm going to a new school and I'm really nervous and scared.

"BYEEE" I yelled to my brothers and walked to my car, *At school*

As I walked to my locker I bump into a guy, "I'm soo Sorry" I said, "hey see where u walk girl Damn u just ruined my day!!!!!" he said, "leave her alone Mahone" I heard a Girl say as she walk over to me, "Hey I'm Amanda but everyone call's me Amy so u can call me that" she said "hey my name is Emily and I'm new here" I said "I can show u the around after school?" Amy said "That would be great" I said *in History class*

"Hey guys this is Emily and she is new, u can sit next to Austin who is SLEEPING, AUSTIN!!" Mr.Ruben yelled, "WHAAAAT!! U SCARED THE HELL OF ME" yelled Austin back, "Emily is gonna sit next to u and don't sleep again" Mr.Ruben said .

Austin was annoying me like hell and I couldn't take it anymore "Austin stop plz it's annoying" I said "Why Baby don't u like it" he said "Don't call me that I'm not ur baby" I said "that's non of ur business baby" he said "do u really think I'm scared" I said "everyone is scared of me" he said "not me ur idiot" I said "don't mess with me girl" he said "that non of ur business" I said "oh so u playing like this alright let's see if u aren't scared of me" he said "what do u mean" "just watch" he said. Part 2

Emily's P.O.V

The school is over and Amy was showing me around the city but I keep thinking about what Austin told me in school I mean do he want Revenge like I didn't do anything "what are u thinking about" Amy said "Nothing well Austin told me something" I said "oh no u need to stay away from him" Amy said "why?" "if u say u aren't scared of him he will do something really bad" Amy said "how do u know that?" I said "he used to be my best friend" Amy said "aww what happened to u guys?" I said he's mom became alcoholic like she was always drunk when he was 8 and he's dad died when he 16 months" Amy said "Omg I'm sorry, I feel so bad but thanks for showing me around here" I said "ur welcome" Amy said *Flashback*

Austin's P.O.V "Mom can u play with me?" I said "not now Austin can't u see I'm busy" M/M said "but mom u promised me after the dinner u will play with me" I said "AUSTIN GO TO UR ROOM BEFORE I SLAP U" M/M said "but mommy" I said "That's enough *slaps Austin* and now go to ur room" M/M said "MOMMY U SAID U WOULD NEVER HURT ME" I said and started to cry *10 minutes later*

I heard the Police and I went down, they took mommy "MOMMY" I yelled and started to cry "AUSTIN" she yelled back, a man i didn't knew who was came over to me "hey what's ur name" he said "Austin" I said "listen Austin you're never gonna see ur mom again,you're gonna live with ur Aunt" "is my mom gonna die" I said "noo we are gonna take care of her" the man said

And from that day I haven't seen my mom. *End of flashback*

Emily's P.O.V

As soon I came home I took a quick shower,I heard my phone ring

Me: hello who is this

Austin: it's ur doctor

Me: my doctor what's wrong?

Austin: Omg Emily it's me Austin

Me: wtf how did u found my number

Austin:come on I'm not that stupid

Me: leave me alone

Austin: that's non of ur business

Me: do u really think I'm scared of u

Austin: ohhh so u aren't then go to ur bathroom

Me: my bathroom? *end of conversation*

I walked over to my bathdroom but I didn't see anything but then the light went off and the door was closed I got scared and yelled to my brothers but no one could hear me, I heard some one laugh "WHO'S THAT?!!!" I said

Emily's P.O.V

I heard someone laugh "WHO'S THAT?!!!" I said but no one answered me so I decided to scream again until I felt someone behind me, I got scared and started to scream again until someone laugh again, I couldn't take it anymore I started to cry really bad, I heard someone whisper "Emily", "Who's that" I said "it's me Austin" Austin said "what the hell are u doing here?!" I said "Trying to make u scared" Austin said "haha good luck with that because I'm not scared of anything" I said "haha gurl u are wrong" Austin said "what do u Mean" I said "I was reading ur dairy" Austin "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!!!!" I yelled "calm down I was only reading 139 pages" Austin said "AUSTIN!!!!!?" I yelled "What" he said "THERE IS ONLY 139 PAGES, how could u?!" I said "Baby someone told me that u was scared if someone read ur dairy" Austin said "first of all I'm not ur Baby!! And yes how do u know ?" I Said "ahahaa I Stalk u a lot" Austin said "What the hell man go out of my house" I said "see u tomorrow" Austin said and walked out.

Austin's P.O.V

I really do like Emily I think she's the one but noo I can't I mean I'm the bad boy but I don't know

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