She's Not Afraid


1. Preview

   Looking at her swift feet, her turning every other minute, searching faces. Her eyes land on mine, I smirk slightly, going through the crowds trying to reach her. She moved faster in her feet entering her worst fear of being closed in by people. As I got closer I hear her breath in a unsteady pace. She turned to face me as her fear closed in, no where for her to go. She held her arms to her chest, hyperventilating. I took her wrist, remembering the pain I caused her as she flinched away. I grabbed her hand instead keeping away from her damaged wrists.

      She started to breath louder- as if her lungs were collapsing. I took her to an open area hugging her, she struggled to get away. I didn't loosen my grip on her body, keeping her close to me. Protecting her. The crowds started looking at both of us, her punching my chest. I rubbed small circles on her back as she put her face into my chest to start sobbing. 
       "You're a monster!" she screamed into my chest, still crying. 

      "Shhh..." I mumbled into her ear. She grabbed my shirt crumbling and un-crumbling it.  She started punching my chest again, with muffled sobs. I grabbed her wrist again, she hissed in pain, while we went to my truck. I pulled down the  bed of the truck, taking her hand to pull her in. I sat down and she laid in my arms calming down a bit. I wrapped my arms around her torso, watching the sky go black as pitch. 

     Once, my princess calmed down, she looked at me examining my face. 

       "Are you afraid?" my voice growled, as I entwined my fingers with hers. 

       "Of what?" 

        "Me." my voice sounded darker then I wanted it to be. She looked at me for several moments. 

        "No..." she finally said looking up to the starry night. 
      "Why? Everyone one else runs when they see me. I talk, they see me as a threat. Why and how are you so different from them?" 

       "Your mine.... I can't be afraid of someone that's mine, and I'm not a hypocritical dick like everyone else."
        A smile tugged from mouth as I pressed my lips against hers.

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