Return to Wattpadheim

Five years. It has been five years to SpikyKnight since she last saw 'I_Am_Loki' and 'Thor_Of_Asgard' in one private message. To Loki it has been six months. Loki's returned just to prove he's not a hacker but how can he do what when he has been muted? Everyone has their fair share of enemies and friends. Loki's only hope is on that friend part, at least.
Alternate Universe.
Sequel to 'Wattpadheim'
Started: 4.18.2015.
Completed: 4.24.2015 at 11:51 AM.
Started because the mention 'shipping' by @19NC_Medix on the original AU ending to Wattpadheim in Private Message.
Book 2 of 2.
Bookcover by: Lavern2002 on Movellas.


1. Logging in

The car lands in a grassy field. I see a town of thread houses ahead in the distance. I recognized it as the Fan Fiction State because of a uncanny  replica of a destroyed Stark Tower in the middle, a huge tree with vines a great several mile across from it with flying beats reminding me of the ones from Avatar. Oh by Odin does it feel good to be back.
I get out of the car after unbuckling myself.
Something feels different about the realm.
I snap my fingers and the car is gone.
I take my magnifying glass out of my coat pocket.
"Female voice," I said. "How are my stories going?"
"One million reads for; The Loki Project, Asgards and Midgard's predicament, and The Royal story," The female voice said. "You have ninety nine thousand comments on all of them."
"All of them?" I said.
"All of them," The female voice said. "You have 50,000 followers."
I smile.
"Over 6 months?" I ask.
"No," The female voice said. "Not six months."
I look off towards the city confused.
"How long can I have possibly been gone to have gotten that number?" I ask.
"Welcome back to Wattpad,I_Am_Loki." The female voice said.
I roll an eye.
"You have not answered my question," I said. "No wonder I call you the female voice! You don't answer me correctly!" I half wanted to toss the magnifying glass into the river across or anywhere for that matter.  "Don't make me regret taking you."
"It has been five years since you last logged on," The female voice said.
I stare down at the glowing magnifying glass.
"Five years?" I said. "FIVE YEARS!"
"Yes," The female voice said. "Five years."
"It can't be five years," I said. "I have been gone for six months and one week."
"No," The female voice said. "You have been gone for five years."
I stare down at the blue screen that is speaking to me.
"Then SpikyKnight would be otherwise dead by now," I said. "Five years is  a long time. I just came back to prove to thin air I am not a hacker."
"On the contrary the SpikyKnight of Fan Fiction is still alive," The female voice said. "She is an employee of Wattpadheim." Employee? "She still sticks around The Fan Fiction State without Moderating powers and helps other Wattpadians with story problems."
That's the SpikyKnight I know.
"What's her job?" I ask.
"Unknown." The female voice said.
"Then I suppose I can find my way to prove, without her being busy, that I am who I am." I said.
"SpikyKnight still has you muted." The female voice said.
"Oh shut up." I said.  "You just ruined my moment!"

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