1. Chapter 1

The Friend Zone.

    I am determined to get out the friend zone this summer. God, why can't he just see that we’re perfect for eachother? The “He” I’m talking about is by bestie, Ashton Graham, or Ash as I call him. We’ve been friends since we could speak, and been through everything together, and i mean EVERYTHING. From embarrassing girly moments to really personal things. I never really felt anything romantic towards him until that one day, Freshman year, when we had a little “moment” but we’ll talk about that later.

    Now let me introduce myself, I’m Aubree, aka the one who is being friend-zoned here. Ugh, why does this happen to me? When I walk down the halls all I see are couples eating each others faces off, like what the hell, get a room! You wanna know what's even worse? NO? Well I’m gonna tell you anyways, hes always talking about this one girl ALL the time. Her name is Chloe. She’s a nice person, and I try to find any possible way to hate her, but I cant! Shes like fricking perfect. It’s not fair! She loves animals, helps the environment, and is gorgeous. Gosh, why do I have to look like a potato?

    I want Ash to be happy and all, but I want him to be happy with ME. I’m not saying I’m the ugliest thing in the world or anything, but I just have a hard time with romance and stuff like that, because everyone that knows me thinks of me as one of the guys. I don't think anyone has ever even had a crush on me, I mean, that’s pretty sad.

    I honestly have no idea why Ash doesn't have a girlfriend yet. He’s gorgeous, he has quiffed brown hair, light blue eyes, and such a sharp jawline. Like seriously, you could cut a diamond with that thing. He’s about 6’3 and he’s really athletic. He’s that guy that plays basketball, football, baseball, etc. Although he was a jock he was actually smart too, always on honor roll and on the scholars bowl team.

He is also smart enough not to fall for all these fake girls at our school. Which is why I like him so much, he doesn't go for all the fake “hot” girls he goes for the sincere ones that are natural. Which probably explains why I’m his best friend. Ha, just kidding, but I do like to think of myself like that. I really hope that he finally comes to his senses this summer and sees that we would be perfect with each other. Speaking of the summer, tomorrow is the last day of school and the beginning of hopefully a perfect summer.


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