Meeting My Stalkers

"You've been stalking me for 3 years?!" She asks incredulously.
"We don't like to call it that, more like..." I wait for Jake to finish the sentence.
"Like admiring from afar." He finishes.
Jace and his two brothers, Jacob and Jason, are running from their past. When they move to Palmonica, a small town near Virginia, they discover a mystery dancer. A window without blinds is bad enough without 3 extremely good-looking peeping toms watching you do your dorky dances. But Jace continues to watch for 3 long years this dancer do her thing, if that's not bad enough, did I mention she dances in her underwear?


1. One

Chapter One "She is at it again!" My brother Jacob calls. I run to my window, knocking over a chair in the process. I look across the neighbor's yard and into the house right next to our neighbor's house. Spinning is a brunette beauty, that my two brothers and I have been stalking since we moved here. She dances around her room like a goddess and since the day we got here she has been dancing away. She stares at her window, not outside of her window, and moves her hips in a deadly sway. Your probably wondering why my brothers and I stare at some random girl dancing around her room, but she dances in the shortest shorts I've seen and a sports bra. That's it. "How long do you think she'll dance for?" He asks, as I watch her lips move in sync with whatever song she is listening to. "I'm betting 20 minutes!" I call out. She always dances to about 6 songs, and then she collapses on her bed. "An hour!" My older brother Jason calls out. He always bets that. He is the owner of this house, 3 years ago he moved me and our little brother Jacob in, our parents died 3 years ago in a fire at they're work. My Jason is 21, I am 18, and Jacob is 17. All of a sudden she stops, she turns toward the door, then grabs a shirt off of one of the hangers in her closet. She smooths down the shirt, grabs her laptop and presses a button on it and slams it closed. She stashes it somewhere in the right side of her room. Then sits on her bed looking shaky. Some 20-something guy comes in and she seems to let out a breath of relief. She gives him a hug, and I feel a stab in my gut. I should get that checked. "She likes older guys! I oughta introduce myself!!" Jason calls from the front of the house. We have all had this little crush on the mystery dancer forever and we always say that we can sweep her off her feet. "We will see!" Jacob shouts. I chuckle to myself quietly. She steps back and shoos the guy out of her room and drops like a stack of bricks onto her bed. Some girl steps through her door, and I don't believe my eyes, two girls who look just like her plop down beside her. "Are you seeing this!?!" Jacob exclaims. I smile at his behavior he has had a crush on mystery dancer since day one. She stands up and grabs a bottle from her closet and they each take a swig, once they're almost finished they all stand on swaying feet, a slim blonde 40-something women comes in laughing. They all lose they're buzz, well it looks like it, they all deflate, and start stumbling to the door. I sigh and go to our lounge. "Jace, do you think you could leave mystery dancer alone? Go after her sisters." He asks pleadingly. I shake my head smirking cockily. "Jacob, you brought this on yourself, saying I couldn't land a girl." I tell him. "You're an ass." Jason says walking into the room. We hear a knock at the door. And we all turn toward the front door with quizzical expressions. "Nose goes!" I shout out, putting my index finger on my nose. Jason is the last to put his finger on his nose so he goes to the door. "Hello, I'm so sorry we haven't met before. My daughter Arabella was supposed to introduce us on her behalf, these are my two other daughters Anastasia and Annabelle. We have been in Italy for 3 years handling some business, we just got back." "I'm Jason, we moved here about 3 years ago. Come in." I hear Jason tell them, I scramble to grab a shirt, I throw on the white t-shirt quickly. I stand up straight and Jacob does the same beside me. Jason opens up the door and in steps, Mystery Dancer, two girls that look just like her, her parents step in also, and a guy. I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the girls if mystery dancer wasn't wearing a see through shirt, and looking flushed and wobbly. "I'm Arabella." She sticks her hand out and Jacob takes it. She struggles for a moment and then whispers something in Jacobs ear. She then proceeds to collapse into his arms, he catches her easily and helps her stand. "I'm Anastasia, call me Sia." She looks very, good-girl. The last one steps up shaking hands with me and Jason. "I am Anna. Don't call me my real name, I hate that movie. So, don't mention it." She says referring to a well-known scary movie. I look at Jacob who is trying to get Arabella to stop touching his ears. I grin at the scene. "Well, we have introduced ourselves, so we should get going." The blonde says. She grabs the 40-something guy and walks to the door. "Why don't the kids stay, Ill keep a good eye on them." Jason tells the over-exhausted looking parents. "Well, if your offering." She says her goodbyes and walks out. "Finally they're gone!" Arabella screams out. She stands up straight and jumps onto our biggest couch. "You'd think after 3 years away from them id be happier to see them." She muses to herself. Her triplet sisters get on either side of her and sit down. "I am sorry for my little sisters, I'm Edward, call me Eddie." The 20-something guy tells us with a grin. "Nah man, its cool." Jason says. "I'm Jace." I tell the girls, who wave me off. "Where is the alcohol?" Arabella asks irritably. I look to Jacob whose jaw is dropped. Poor guy. "Eddie, do you want a beer?" Jason asks. I sit on the coffee table and stare at Arabella. She seems unaffected, she doesn't squirm, just sits and talks quietly with one of her sisters. Arabella looks up mischievously, quickly transforming her face to an innocent smile. "Eddie?" She asks sweetly. I see both her sisters smiling innocently as well. "Yes Arabella." He says immediately putting his guard up. "Come here for a sec," She says motioning him over with a wave of her hand. He cautiously steps forward stooping down so her mouth is at his ear. She whispers something I can't hear. "Hell no. You know I'm already in deep shit with mom and Henry." He hisses in response to whatever she suggested. "Fine." I see her eyes fill up with tears, and I feel like I just kicked a puppy. "Its fine, I'll j-just do it myself." I know shes acting but the way her voice trembled was just heart-breaking. "Violet stop, we all know your the best. No schemes. Not here, we just got back." "Well, I think that is the perfect time, a grand welcome for my blood family." She smiles a lazy smile I've used and succeeded in to getting girls into my bed. An evil smile. I think I just fell in love....
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