american idiot // Louis Tomlinson //

Angel was your typical punk rocker. she loved every type of music except for one direction. one day they come to her school to have a concert for people that have been bullied. will angel go or stay home? will Louis fall inlove with her or never notice her at all?


1. chapter one

Angel was your typical punk rocker kinda girl. she loved every type of band except for one direction. Angel thought every one was making a big deal over them for nothing. "Angel get your stuff ready you have to go to school in an hour" her mom yelled "ya ya whatever" she said turning up her music. Angel got dressed in a black shirt some black skinny jeans some grey convers and a black beanie. She walked down stairs grabbed her phone earphones and her bag. "im ready ill be in the car" she called to her mom. she got in the car and started it. the first thing that came on was one direction she hurried up and changed it turning it fall out boys. "you and your music" her mom said getting in the car. her mom dropped her off and she met up with her friend kaitlin. "whats up" angel asked "i heard one direction is coming to play tomorrow night"  her friend said jumping up and down. "yay" she said with sarcasm. "well got to go to class, see you at lunch" angel said waving to her friend and walked to her math class. During lunch angel and her friend talked about one direction "why don't you want to go" her friend asked dipping a nugget in her grave "i just don't want to ok ive got plans that day anyways" "oh right I forgot tomorrow is Friday the day you watch scary movies" "well can you at least come so we can hang out." angel shook her head yes.


after school Angel walked home listening to green day "don't wanna be an American idiot don't want a nation under the new mania"  she sang unlocking her door. she put her stuff on the couch and went to the kitchen. she grabbed a slice of pizza a dr.pepper and went to her room. she turned on her music and started to dance around her room. she picked her outfit out for tomorrow and tomorrow night. she went down stair to start supper.

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