Silent Nights Before Death

It's about me and my best friend Yong Xian, went to find a mystery about these silent nights and when we found out what it was it was the horror and possessed place near my home! Will the one who caused these silent nights catch us and killed us after we found out the mystery ? Read the horror story to find out............ if you dare!


1. Beginning of the mystery

Did you know that I have a horror experience last month? It's because got the information of a place and trip to discover it, unfortunately I almost got myself and my friends killed! Let me share the experience with you!
                It begin last month, when there was a discussion upstairs when I was climbing up the stairs at school, it was not as loud as always( because as always, when our class were having a discussion, was the noisiest to be heard in our school. And when our principal always who strolls downstairs, will hear and punished all of us.) so I ran up and almost caught by the eye of the principal, I asked my friends who were discussing about " what are you discussing about?" "We are discussing about........about.......about......."
They said. "Aw, com'n don't be shy! Just tell me, we'll keep it as a secret!" I said softly.
But they just turned away muttering, I wonder why they won't tell me. Is it because I'm too bad? No! I am not bad like bullying others or lying. I guess “well, looks like I have to find the secret myself!"

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