What if the internet version of Wattpad was a real realm? Well, sort of. What if it was some realm connected to the internet and to the avatar function? Here's where our what ifs come to life. What if Loki stumbled his way into the realm of Wattpadheim very physically because one of the Avengers suggested he go there? Oh right that Avenger was Thor. This could be the best or worst suggestion Thor ever made to Loki.

Stand alone.

This story is told in Loki's perspective.

Started: 4.12.2015


Inspired by @Chromeflame's comment "I GOT @TFASGAwriter TO SHUT DOWN THAT THREAD"

Cover by: callmesteffie


1. Joining

Thor had suggested a far new realm to me earlier. He called it 'Wattpadheim'. Wattpadheim sounds like a place where rats lurk under the shadows and come out in large numbers when food is left out. But did he tell me that traveling into this realm involves a form of transportation? No, Thor did not bother to give me a warning.
I land in a building.
Is this what Wattpadheim is?
A city?
That is the first time I have been proven wrong about a realm.
"Hello!" Came a one worded group greet.
I look up to see so many people above me.
"What's your username?" One of the people asks.
"I am Loki." I said.
"I_Am_Loki?" One group member said.
"No, I AM Loki!" I shout.
The group eerily smiles.
"Welcome to Wattpad,I_am_Loki!" The group said.
"-Heim." I correct them.
The group looks puzzled at my correction.
"What's your birthday?" One group member said.
"A thousand years ago." I said.
"Whats your gender?" One group member said.
"You see me perfectly as day." I said.
They stare at me.
"Gender?"  One group member asks.
I roll my eyes.
"Boy," I said. "Obviously."
The group flash such a creepy smile at me.
"Here's your glass!" One group member said, handing me a string connected to a rounded piece of glass. "But you need permission to see what everyone really looks like. You're our lucky joiner; the millionth user!"
I help myself up.
"Wait," I said, holding my hand up in a stop gesture. "What everyone really looks like?"
"Yes!" They said at once.
I make a mirror appear before my eyes and I see that I am a flower. I change myself back into me if that makes any sense. A large library of books replace these people including a floating board similar to the one in Stark Tower when Tony is giving a presentation that is boring and very in depth.
"Pick three books!" A random voice cheerfully said.
I rub my chin.
"How do I do that?" I ask.
"Just pick any!"  They said.
I select out three books without that hideous board.

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