different girls?


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hey i'm cara , i'm 17 i currently moved to Australia considering my parent's have got a job offer and preferably it's a "better place" or something like that.

some things about me is that:

1) i'm 6ft tall

2) i'm a model

3) i have one blue eye and one green

4)i keep changing my hair colour and style very very often.

5)i play violin , guitar, drums mostly and i also sing.

6) i love to draw!!!!!

7) i love skating as well with my long board and penny board



we arrived at our new house and in my opinion it was pretty decent sized not the biggest not the smallest , but the street we lived on was so empty is was perfect , nice and quiet.........well while it lasted anyway because some punk music was booming throughout the whole street.

i got changed into skinny jeans a white shirt and a grey beanie leaving my blond hair in its original loose curls i grabbed my long board and skated down the road to inspect which house was to blame for the loud music.

"don't wanna be an american idiot!" someone sang loudly and i jerked my head to see a garage door open with four boys playing in there, they didn't notice me so i just stood there on my long board to see if they were pretty good or not but in my opinion they didn't play anything original so to me they sucked.

i skated back to my house and then they finally decided to stop playing which was a relief , i arrived soon enough back "home" and went to dye my hair lilac and then got my outfit and school stuff ready tomorrow considering i'm starting tomorrow! great cant wait for this-_______-


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