Hate To Love||Raura


1. ~Chapter 1~

Ross's POV

I woke up and saw my alarm.I saw that it was 7:30 and school starts at 8:00.I dont really care cause I'm normally late.I get up and get dressed in a red v neck shirt and ripped jeans.I also put on my black converse and fix up my hair like I always do it. I get my phone and walk out my room,downstairs to see my family eating breakfast.

I sit down and eat some cereal.I get up and put my plate on the sink,saying goodbye to my parents and leaving out the front door.

I get in my red convertible and drive myself to school.

Once I get there,I get off and walk to the door.I walk in and many girls give me winks and put their phone numbers in my face but I just ignore them.

I then suddenly bump into the one and only,Laura Marano.

Ross:Watch out were your going!

Laura:Well sorry!You weren't watching where you were going!!

Ross:Yea,yea whatever. *Rolls eyes*

I head to first period,also spotting Laura there,but I just ignore her and walk to a seat right in the back,where I always sit.


Laura's POV

I was talking to my best friends Maia and Skylar.Skylar had blonde hair and hazel eyes and Maia had brunette hair like me and she also had hazel eyes.We have been friends since 5th grade and now were in 11th grade.

So we are supposably the populars but ,I just call us normal.I dont bully or anything like most populars do,I just treat people fair.

Maia:So Laura what are you going to do today?

Laura:I dont know...what about we have a sleepover at my house?

Maia:okie dokie how about you? (turns to skylar)

skylar:oh okay then ill join at what time though.?

laura:like at 6:30.

Maia:ok then,gotta go to 5th period!

laura:bye Maia an Skylar!

~After school~

I was walking home and then I heard foot steps behind me.I turn around and see Ross.Why can't that boy ever leave me alone!?!

I walk faster until I get to my house.I run up and open the door with my key,leaving a walking Ross outside.

I turn around and see My parents and Ness.

Laura:Hey Mom, Dad and Vanessa why do you have suitcases?

Ellen (mom):Oh about that, we are going to tell you that we had to leave to paris to visit your aunt and were going to be gone for about a few months and you and Vanessa are staying here with a friend of mine. Her name is Stormie and she will take care of you guys so go pack right now,shoo shoo.

I guess,if they don't mind,we're gonna have to do the sleepover at their house,or I'm just gonna have to cancel it.

We quickly pack and are soon out the door at 6:30.

We drive until we see a blue light house.We get our stuff from the back trunk and head over to the door,knocking on it.

A lady with blonde hair open the door and I flash her a warming smile.

Stormie:Hey you must be Laura and Vanessa, please come in.

Laura:Thank you Stormie.

Stormie:Make your selfs at home while I call everyone. KIDS DOWN HERE NOW!!!!!!!!


They come down from upstairs,and all I can see is a crowd.

Rydel:omg!!! girls!! Hi,I'm Rydel!

Riker:I'm Riker.

Ratliff:I'm Ellington,but im just a family friend,but you could call me Ratliff or Ellington.

Rocky:I'm Rocky,sup.

Ryland:I'm Ryland the hottest one.

He smirks at me.Okay,awkward....

I look around and someone catches my eye someone that I have hated my whole life, Ross


Hey,My name is Melissa :).

I think I'm like the only one who has written a raura story on here 😛

But anyways,I hope you like it and follow me!¡

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