Our love times Infinity

Our love times infinity

April Hastings always acted like she was a normal teenager.
Although she might be in some ways but in other ways not. April Has a heart defect. Doctors said she was a miracle when she was born. They told her family that after a couple of heart problems in her life they were guaranteed she wasn't gonna make it past 2 years old. Look at her now. 16 years old, beautiful young and reckless living life like tomorrow's her last. Unfortunately one day she lived and the next..... Well you have to read this now right?


1. Boys, Oh Boy.

"April!!!!!" Conner Reese yelled so loud the whole hall went silent as people stared. I turned around and saw him run down to me. I laughed and asked "what's up?" "Nothing just wanted to see if you would come to the formal tonight with me?" He asked with his cheeks Turning red. "As friends, or is this a date?" I asked with too much curiosity. "Well, would you rather it be a date or you just want to go as friends?" "It's a date, pick me up at 7:30." I said Hugging him and running off. I didn't know if this meant we were going out but I was just to happy to hide my excitement. So I decided to go to my best friends house and tell her what happened and what I should wear. "Omg!!!! Conner Reese asked you to the formal? , finally!!! He's had a crush on you since......." Her voice trailed off after she covered her mouth. "Wait since when has he liked me?" I asked. "Ummm 8th grade" she said squealing. "Really? I always thought of him as my best guy friend but nothing more. I guess I've been hiding a little bit of feelings for him." I was to excited to talk. I eventually went shopping and got the cutest formal dress I could find for under $500 (moms budget). At 7:28 I sat on the couch expecting him to be here in 2 minutes! When he didn't show by 7:45 I was getting worried. I called him but he didn't answer. I hopped in my car and drove over to his house. I rang the doorbell and he came to the door in his basketball shorts with a girl behind him. I was in shock. How could the one out of two people I can trust, just turned his back on me. I was fighting the tears. But I didn't leave cause I needed answers. He hadexcuses like , just because we're going on this "date" doesn't mean we we're together.

I ran to my car in tears and drove off. My hearts was racing fast. Not the normal heart beat suddenly my mind went black.


I hear faint talking in the background. "April honey. It's mom. It's okay sweety I'm here."

" mom, what happened?"

"You got in a car accident honey, your heart stopped for 1 minute." She said with tears in her eyes. After 2 days in the hospital , recovering, I told my mom everything leading up to the crash. I was scared in my own mind of what Conner was doing right now. Even worse I was raging with madness about what he did and the fact he didn't show up at the hospital. As soon as I'm out from "house arrest" (I call it that anyway) I am going to set him straight. "Knock knock" with a broken leg on crutches I slowly stood up and yelled coming and went for the door. I opened the door and my best friend , Chloe Henry, jumped through the door way and hugged me. She almost hugged me so tight I almost fell back. "How are you doing april??" She asked. "I'm fine Chloe" I said pretty convincing. I told Chloe to hop in her car and take me to Conners. I ran as fast as I could with crutches up his driveway. I rang the doorbell and he answers immediately. "Oh April your alright" he said acting like he cared. "Oh don't pitty me Conner, I got in an accident because of you. You didn't even show up to the hospital! ..... I paused and tried to fight the tears....."why... Conner?....... Why..?" I turned around wiping my tears away and walking down the driveway. I got back into Chloe's car. When I turned around Conners door was already closed. That's when the Tears started pouring.


The next day at school I walked into my class. I looked around for an open spot but it seemed to be filled by this beautiful guy. I didn't mind at all that he was sitting there. I just asked Mrs. Qecfur for a new seat. She sat me next to the guy of my dreams. I turned to the side and said "hey, I'm April what's your name?" "I'm Caleb, I just moved here from New York." "Nice to meet you Caleb." "You too April."

After our great conversation I invited him to sit next to me at lunch so we can get to know each other. After talking for a awhile I decided to go. "I'll catch you later?" I asked. "Definitely see you tommorow"


So the next day I k

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