The Time of the Immortals

This is a book containing several stories of the immortal and parts of their lives. Each story can cross and twine together. The Kings and Queens are the only immortals and their children get extended lives. There are vampires, wolves, dragons, elves, and mythical creatures. Sometimes there is war/battles and other times there is peace. Read about each character and their struggles and life.

Cover by: Goddess_Of_Misfits (Wattpad)


1. Characters (Always updating and changing)

King Noka is a shape shifting (Human only), immortal wolf. He is the king of the wolves. As a human Noka stands at 6' 3". He has golden eyes and dark gray hair. He weighs 150 lbs. He has many scars from fighting. As a wolf Noka stands at 4' 3". He has dark gray fur with lighter gray markings. His eyes and weight are the same in human and wolf form. It goes for his scars, too. Runa is a commoner in the court of wolves. She has no powers. Runa stands at 2’ 1” at her shoulder. She has light blue eye. She weighs 120 lbs. Her fur is a soft, pale brown with light brown speckles on her flanks, shoulders, and top of her head. She has several scars on her frame. From before Noka found her. Nanta is the lead warrior of the wolf court. She stand at 2' 3" at her shoulder. She weighs 125 lbs. Her fur is long and white with brown and black speckles all over it. She has bright green eyes. She has no scars due to Noka's healing powers. Kara is a warrior in the Elf Court. She has red hair that she always keeps pulled back. Her ears are pieced with to hoops on each ear. She has bright ocean blue eyes. She has several scars one a crossed her face, three whip like scars on her back, four claw marks over her chest, and several on her arms. She wears a necklace that has five crystals in it, that is how she gets her powers.
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