Toy Bonnie X Reader

Ello darling! This is your security guard Verd! I can't wait for all of you to read this story of you and Toy Bonnie! You just started working at Freddy Fazbear Pizza as a Waitress but I guess someone has a eye for you ��. Although the thing is.. Your not interested? He's now trying to get your attention and make him yours.... Let's see how it turns out...


1. Two Emerald Eyes.




I had just started my new summer as a waitress at Freddy Fazbear Pizza. I admit. Its going to be a very boring job, but hey! At least I get to have some Money!

As I got out of the car and entered the Kiddy Place. I saw bunch of Kids and Parents playing around. Mostly screaming from the children. My H/C hair was flowing as I entered. Thats when I felt TWO emerald eye’s staring at me. I turned to see that new toy animatronic Bonnie looking at me while playing in his guitar. It was pretty freaky but, I mean come on. Every animatronic has to look at someone! I walked to my boss’s room and began to talk. “Ah! Welcome Y/N! Its very nice to see you in person!” Boss said with a grin. I chuckled. “Its very nice to meet you Boss!” Boss smiles and sat down on his chair. “Please have a seat. You may call me Bryan by the way.” I sat down as he requested and nodded.

(Lets Skip Time)

“ Well Y/N, Its very good of you to work here.” He stood up and offered to shake my hand. My hand shook his hand. “You will start tomorrow at 8:00 am.” I smiled and nodded. “ Thank you sir. See you tomorrow.” “See you tomorrow as well.” We both said our goodbyes. Although.. Two Emerald eyes were still staring at me..

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