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Just something for someone. A story I was asked indirectly to put here from Wattpad. Yay...


1. Chapter One

She was, in short, the type of person willing to sit down and stare at pages and pages of words until night fell. He was, in short, the opposite, needing to be thinking in action to be most comfortable. Yet in their world of mystical powers and elements, the two of them had an unbreakable bond reinforced by years of partnership. Ravyne Nightshade, the Dark Mistress, and Kai Rosewood, the Fire Master, the two youngest ever to earn the title of Element Master or Mistress.
Seven Elements dominated the country's powers. Dark, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Plant and Psychic, each with their respective division names. Acerbi, Infernos, Diluents, Aeros, Cosmos, Flora and Sensors, respectively. If one should so choose to pursue any of the seven, training would begin at age seven, and continue until age fifteen, at which the studies would progress to a more involved stage as a soldier in his division's army. Only by becoming the best at his art and passing the legendary Elite Exams would someone become the Master of their element. Ravyne and Kai had risen through the ranks at unmatched speed, both reaching the level of Lieutenant General by age 15. Ravyne, only the second girl to hold the title, was also the only one to reach Mistress under the age of eighteen. Likewise, Kai had claimed his position as Fire Master while young as well, and the two of them were the youngest in the whole Masters Guild.
One morning, They had walked together to the Exam hall, two of the last to arrive, and the two youngest. Everyone had pointed and whispered, incredulous at their brash attitudes for coming while lacking proper preparations. Those thoughts quickly dissipated when Ravyne and Kai finished first and second scorewise, knocking out the most senior test-takers. Immediately, the Head of the Guild had recognized potential as individuals and as partners. He sent them on a trial mission to gather information. No more than one and a half days later, they returned, successful on their first run. Ravyne's patience for research and her strategial planning would match well with Kai's battle tactics and wits in tight situations. That being said, either one could jump in and finish the other's jobs.
They had been sent on countless scouting and battle journeys since, always as a pair. The bond chemistry that had began as a simple partnership was forged into a full-fledged alliance and intensified by their extra abilities. Both were advanced archers, thus possessing reflexes of almost a supernatural kind. Ravyne's vision could pick up anything she needed to, and Kai could hear better than any animal. Together, they were nearly invincible.
Of course, there were limits. Ravyne needed to be in a half mile's distance to be able to see every detail, and Kai had limits on his pitches. What they lacked was made up for by the fact that each of them had unlocked what was called a Secondary, allowing the study of an extra element.
At the moment, Ravyne was practicing while Kai watched and critiqued. She dodged the dummy's flailing arms, then lashed out with her Dark shadows. Stuffing spilled from the slit, then it closed over smoothly. Her body arced gracefully over the cloth head as she twisted in mid-air to let an arrow fly loose through the back and out from the sternum in front. Satisfied with her vital target, the dummy's movement slowed, returning to its formal still state. Ravyne blew the bangs out of her face, but was then clipped on the shoulder by a stray arm, nearly flying across the room. With a five foot two inch build and just ninety pounds of muscle on her bones, Ravyne claimed a spot as the smallest Master in the guild of seven Masters and seven lieutenants.
        "Don't let your guard down." Kai teased.
        "I know. Besides, your performance was far from flawless." She muttered.
Unclipping her cloak and quiver, she hung the bow up, put the quiver up on the equipment rack. She draped her cloak over one arm, spinning slowly once to check that everything was in order. A late spring breeze blew in from the open door, blowing her hair around her face.
        "Our birthdays are coming up."
        "Oh, joy. Birthdays." Ravyne sighed.
        You're always so serious. Lighten up."
        "Is that some kind of joke?" She glared.
        "No, of coure not." He hid a grin.
She shoved him with her shoulder, but he just arched an eyebrow at her.
        "That was a bit half-hearted."
        "Yea well now I have things on my mind."
        "How I'm going to survive a whole day in a dress and makeup, or what people will think of Selta, and. . . yea." She finished lamely.
        "Actually, if you remember Lyrica's birthday, we were able to wear Master's uniform instead of formal wear. and Selta is merely an addition to your party, nothing out of the ordinary, especially in Central Reign."
        "Whatever you say."
Ravyne shook her head slightly, heading towards the Dark quarters, which pointed in the direction of the Acerbus Reign, and Kai disappeared off to the Fire quarters, pointing towards the Inferno region. When she turned on the lights in her room, the neatly made bed greeted her mockingly. She groaned, exasperated. No matter how any times the maids were told to leave her bed messy, she always returned to a perfectly made bed. In a fit, Ravyne tore the covers off of the mattress, rumpling them over the frame.
        "Take that!" She shrieked.
Flopping on the chair in the corner, Ravyne examined her expression in the mirror: defined features, sharp jawline, hardened eyes.
        "I am wound tight." She breathed.
Ravyne took a deep breath and tried to relax, something he was not quite accustomed to. In doing so, she closed her eyes, letting her mind wander. Her thoughts led from one thing to another until the unbeatable Rayne Nightshade had been conquered and defeated by a simple dream.
Nearly three hours later, she awoke to a rapping on the door. Tipsy on sleep, she staggered to the door and opened it while rubbing her eyes. Selta nudged her way past Ravyne, leaving Kai to wait for an invitation.
        "I never thought I would see the day when you forgot to stay awake for Selta's return from training. She looked hungry."
        "And I never thought I would see the day when you cared. I looked asleep. Now hurry up."
        "What's the rush?"
        "You're a guy, you're a Fire element, need anything else?"
Kai chuckled, taking his time to walk in, and Ravyne rolled her eyes. She closed the door behind him and folded her arms impatiently.
        "So, sexist and Elementalist. That's new."
        "Don't even start. Say what you need to and leave."
        "Ouch. Cold."
        "That all?" She glared coldly.
        "Okay, okay. Old Abbott has a mission for us."
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