Here We Go Again

*A big hero 6 fanfic* Violet and Amethyst were the most normal teens you would meet. Well, that was before they met Hiro Hamada.

The girls lives are turned upside down when some shocking news is discovered. Friendships will be tested. Everything with be at stake. But most importantly, will they all make it out alive?


1. Rainy Days and Shameless Flirting


I sighed as I stared out the window of my room. Raindrops were chasing each other down the glass, and I didn't want to go out on a gloomy day like this. Amethyst texted me again, telling me that she found this new cafe that she wanted to check out with me, but I was too bothered by the rain to reply.

I didn't necessarily have a problem with the rain, it was the thing that makes all the crops and plants grow. I just wasn't too fond of the thunder that clapped in the background, followed by lighting a few moments later.

Amethyst - C'mon Violet, a couple raindrops isn't going to kill you 

Violet- You know it's not that

Amethyst- Please?

Violet- Fine :/

I groaned as I stood, walking to my closet to find an outfit.


I ended up wearing all black to match the gloomy day, much to Amethyst's disappointment. "Why can't you just be happy for once?" She asked when I sat down across from her.

"Because I just walked a mile in the rain." I said with a glare. My hair had stayed pretty dry, but my shoes and leggings were soaking wet.

"C'mon. Let's just go get our drinks." She said, getting up.

I watched her for a second, taking note of her hair and how it was up in a ponytail as usual. She was also wearing one of her plain T-shirts along with a pair of jeans and boots.

I chuckled a little, thinking of how we both have our usual outfits before following her to the counter.

"Hello, welcome to the Lucky Cat cafe. What can I get for you?" A man, who looked to be around my age, said in a monotone, like he had repeated himself a thousand times today. Having worked in the fast food restaurant before, I knew how it felt to be so repetitive.

"Uh, hi. I'll get a black coffee and one of those bagels." Amethyst said with a slight smile before looking at me.

"Just a hot chocolate please." I said.

"Okay, that'll be $5.99." He said before Amethyst handed him the money.

"You can get it next time." She said to me before she was handed back the change. I nodded in response.

"I'll catch up to you." I said as Amethyst went to sit down. I turned back to the boy, making sure that no one was waiting behind me. "Hey, uh, I saw the help wanted sign out front, and I wanted to see if I could apply for the job."

"Uh, yeah, here's the paperwork and a pen." He said, handing me the objects as if they had magically appeared out of thin air.

"Oh, thank you..." I trailed off, not knowing his name.

"Hiro. My name's Hiro." He said with a slight smile.

"Violet. It's nice to meet you Hiro. Hopefully I'll get the job and be able to see more of you." I said, throwing a wink his way before walking to the table.

"It's official, Violet is in her extrovert zone! Everyone watch out!" Amethyst said with a laugh, obviously having seen the shameless flirting. "I think you turned him into a fish." She said, pointing at Hiro.

I followed her gaze and laughed slightly as I saw Hiro standing there with his mouth slightly open.

"What did you need to do anyways?" She asked me, looking down at the pen and paper in my hand.

"Oh, they had a help wanted sign outside, and since I quit my other job, I decided to apply." She nodded in response.

"Well, if he has anything to do with who gets the job, I think it'll most likely be you." She said with a laugh.

I watched as an older lady walked over and handed us our drinks.

"Applying for a job here, I see." She said with a smile.

"Yep." I said, smiling back. So much smiling today.

"Well, you're the first person to apply so you'll most likely get the job." She said with a slight chuckle before turning and walking behind the counter.

Amethyst and I took a second to look at each other before she started eating her bagel while I finished filling out the application form.


A few day later I got an unknown call. I was hesitant to pick up, before I realized that it was probably someone at the Lucky Cat cafe calling to tell me if I got the job or not.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Uh, hi, is this Violet? The girl who applied for the job at the Lucky Cat cafe?" A man, I'm guessing Hiro, asked.

"That's me." I said with a slight smile, remembering how flustered I had made him.

"I was just calling to tell you that you got the job and to ask you what shifts you could take." He said before telling me all the available shifts.

"Well, I have to do after school shifts. Maybe the 3:00 to 6:00 shift on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then the 12:00 to 7:00 shift on Saturday and Sunday. If that's okay with you." I said.

"That sounds perfect." He said.

"When do I start?"

How about right now?" He asked.

I guess this week isn't going to be that terrible.

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