Choice Of Life

"Choose me or him" he said looking in my eyes "I choose you"


1. Day 1

I wake up at 9:00 o'clock in the morning like usual and set up my camera.

I start to filming and talk about my make up and how I put it on, when am done I edit it on my really old laptop for an hour and upload it on to my channel when am done I scroll throw my comments on my last videos they were nice and lovely like usual.


- omg this channel is amazing.

- y/n is so pretty.

- I love her hair and makeup.

- how come she hasn't got that many subscribers she should have more.

I close my laptop smiling I feel loved and worth some thing I feel some thing that I've haven't felt in forever.

I get up and walk down stair "hi sweetheart" my mum says walking up to me in her heels and kisses me on the cheek it smelled like wine and cigarettes.

My mum is a stripper but she calls it work that give us money to live so it fine I guess "hi" I said watching her walk to a random man, I look at him and frown "oh this is Carl i met him last night" she says before kisses him on the lips I look at the floor she brings back men every night, think of a name for a man and she probably dated a guy called it the reason why I've got make up and hair products is because my mum buy them instead of food she say it makes men more attracted to her so she get more money, I must eat ones a day and that at collage so I don't look like I can't afford food.

I walk back up stairs and go back in my room to play on laptop the reason am not at school today is because every one bully's me because am skinny and I wear the same clothes every day, i home school my self and go to collage for exams, my mum doesn't care away she never cares any more after dad died.

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When I got up stairs I walked to my bedroom and flopped on my bed lying face down and scream in my pillow.

After I've done my little i hate my life bit I get up and go on my laptop again after another 3 hours of playing on it I hear the door slam I get up and walk down stairs slowly I had no idea who it was so I was shaking loads even know men come and go house every night I still get scared I carry on walking.

When I finally reached to bottom of the stairs I look up to find I boy standing in my kitchen he looked about my age (17) but I don't know, he had blond ish brown ish hair and green eyes he was wearing a hoddie and black skinny jeans, he was also playing on his phone i turn and walk slowly up stairs trying not to make a sound but being me I miss my foot on the first step and fall causing a big noise "are you okay" I hear him say I look up to find him giving me hand I take it and get up "yeah am fine..." I say rubbing my head "who are you" the words slipping from my lips "oh my names ashton" he said awkwardly looking at the floor "what's your name" he says quietly "y/n" I say looking at him smiling I then realised why am I talking to a random boy, what is he doing in my house.

I start staring at him in awkward silence I snapped back into reality and shook my head he started smiling at me "why are you in my house ?" I say tipping my head to the side slightly "oh hm my dad here he said to come and pick him up and he said to walk in to the house because your mum said its fine" he said pushing up his hair from his face "okay stay here" I say quickly shooting upstairs to my mums room I knock on the door "mum there's a random boy here he said he's here for his dad or some thing" I say not entering the bed room "oh it just ashton talk to him for a bit a to past time we will be down soon" she says like I knew ashton and he was my friend I sigh really load and storm down stairs.

I walk over to the table and sit facing ashton and ignore the fact he's was staring at me the hole time "what did they say" he asks breaking the silence I turn to face him "she said talk to each other to past time but I don't see why we should get to no each other my mum will have another guy tomorrow" i snapped at him i watch him frown slightly "sorry she bring back men every night I seem like a repetitive thing that goes on every second of my life" I say sighing "it's okay I know how it feels" he smiles at me a puts his hand on top of mine I stare at our hands for a bit thinking then pull away "so are you from around" I ask looking at the table and start writing my name with on finger "I live near here actually I live near the local collage" he says watching me write me name again and again "does that mean you go to that collage" I ask knowing that he probably does and it was stupid question but I wondered if he knew who I was and repetition "yeah why" I says grabbing my hand to stop me write my name I look up to see him looking at me smirking "so how are you too getting on..." My mum says walking down stair and stops talking and look at me and ashton holing hands in the middle on the table "ohhh" she says smirking "I told you there will like each other" she shout to ashton dad i let go of ashton hand and look at the floor this is wired if she dated ashton dad then ashton would be some part of my family like a brother or something that just wrong if I date ashton but then again she takes men home every night so I won't see ashton again I start to frown at my thoughts "anyway you too have fun" she says walking up stairs I look up to find ashton blushing I smiling at him getting embarrassed.

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"So you want to get out of the house" I say like ashton was my best friend, when i really don't no much about him but he's atmosphere that be gives off make me feel I do know him "sure where?" He ask getting up i do the same "anywhere but here" I say laughing a bit he smiles and takes my hand a pull me out the door and into his car with out saying a word.

We end up going to ashton house.

He opens the door for me, I thank him and walk in, it was so clean and organized the air was much more cleaner I look at every thing and smile it was so nice it felt like the movies "so what do you think" he said shutting the door "it's so beautiful" I say he smiles and grabs my again hand a takes me in the his living room (😂) i sit down even the living room was gorgeous he sit next to me "so who do you live with?" I say still looking around the room "me, my dad and calum" he says smiling "I guess your the clean one" I say laughing a bit "yeah" he laughs with me then continues "calum the messy one and my dad he's not at home much" he say with no expression "who's calum" I say looking at him "my friend, his parents kicked him out so he lives here with me and my dad never so it fine" he say looking at me "and your mum..." I say quietly wishing I never said that I turn away from looking at him "it's okay she with another man now she happy" he say smiling and the thought "what about your dad" I says I look at him trying to holed back the tears "he's dead" I say quietly "am so sorry" he say hugging me "it's okay" I say hugging him back for a while

"wait" we stop hugging for a moment I look a ashton with confusion "how do you get money" I say "there's this thing called a job" he say while laugh i punch him in the arm gently and he put his arm around me and drags me down to face him we lied on the sofa looking at each other "so you have a job you about 17, 18 ish" I say "yep a good payed job and am 18" he says smiling at me proudly "and calum works as well" i say "yep" he say proudly we lied there for a bit just in silence facing each other it was so peaceful i started to close my eyes.

"Hello?" I heard which instantly wore me up, I sat up and looked around trying to get my vision back after a minute or two I sew that am still at ashton house on the sofa I turned to see ashton a sleep next to me I smile I then look up to see and boy with a confuse look on his face "who are you?" He said coming closer I watch him studying my face for a bit no saying a word I then snapped back in to reality and said "eh a friend of ashton" he stood there scanning my face "well I didn't know ashton brings home girls this pretty" he says smiling I smile back before saying any thing like denying it he says "what's you name" "y/n" I say "a beautiful name to match a beautiful face" he said sitting on the floor I joined him so we was facing each other "so what your name" I say know it probably calum but I asked anyway "calum" he said while smiling "didn't Ashton tell you about me" he says "yeah he said that your really messy and he cleans up all the mess" I say while laughing "hey that not true I clean up every thing that the reason this house is clean" he says laughing harder then me I couldn't understand a word he was saying but a laugh with him because his laugh was funny "hey no you don't" Ashton get up rubbing his eyes smiling "omg sleeping beauty's awake" calum say laughing even harder I laugh at calum trying not to laugh but then failing Ashton started to laugh along "guys what time is it" I say trying not to laugh at calum.

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"Guy what time is it" I say turning to face ashton who was struggling his shoulders as Calum went to grab his phone "3:00" he says putting his phone back in his pocket i stand up and stretch "I need to go home my mum will be worried" I said while walking to the door "no stay for longer" ashton says whining "ashton I hardly know you or Calum and I can't stay my mum will be worried" I say opening the door while ashton was standing be hide me "sorry for sleeping on you sofa" I say getting embarrassed "it's okay any time" ashton say while laughing I smile at him turning to walk off "hey how are you going to get home" ashton says laughing at me "hmm" I say "let me get my keys"

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