Liam Payne Imagines

xx Here are some of the sweetest *Sugar* Liam Payne prefferences..
If you too are a 1D fan girl, like Me, then these are sure to plaster a smile on your face..

Do comment, and Like and Favourite if you think its Commendable...
See ya guys..

xx Ana


1. December


It’s a late December morning and you are cuddled up with your duvet. The alarm cuts your dream short.

You turn around to pull Liam closer.

“Morning, Love.” He says and places a kiss below your ears.

You dig your face into his chest, and pull up the duvet.

He laughs.

“Coffee?” he asks.

“Hmm..”  you say drowsily, and he leaves for the kitchen.

You sigh.. you know that you have more five minutes of sweet sleep..

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