Our Darkest Dreams

Pretty much this story is something I always thought about. When I'm bored I'd think about a story like this so I thought why not make it? This includes some of my good friends so hopefully you enjoy it. It's pretty much my first story so enjoy. The story is mainly Emmet's POV but sometimes it is in someone elses. I will let you know when. Anyway this is about the story!

Emmet was a kid that was always a mystery he'd surprise his friends in different ways and get himself in to danger. Often. His nightmares are getting worse. Taking over his dreams, are they just fragments of his imagination or something more real than he realizes?

Will his insanity get the better of him or will he keep his cool. This is something that had never happened before.


1. A "Cliff Hanger" (PUNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS jk. posting next chapter when I finish it x3)

Emmet's Pov


I was running. Running through a forest of some sort. I had no idea on where to go. I felt like I was being watched, tested.  I felt tired and stopped.

"Who are you?!" I yelled. "And where the hell am I?!" I heard something coming and began running again. I felt as if something else was nearby. I felt like I wasn't alone. I could see it. Daylight. It felt like an eternity since I was in it. I suddenly ran to it and looked around. I was in a field of some sort, filled with wild flowers and tall grass. It was as if the dark forest I was in moments ago was just a bad dream. I could see something in the distance and ran to it.


"H-Hello?" I said as I walked over to it. I realized I didn't see a person, but a horse. It was a midnight colored winged horse, that looked like it was out of place here, as if it was a sign of some sort.


I inched closer to it and looked at it closely. "H-Hi.... my name's Emmet, I won't hurt you. Can you help me get out of here?" I felt dumb talking to a horse like this as if it were a human but it seemed to understand and bowed it's head and let me climb onto it's back.

I gingerly got on. I never rode a horse bareback before, so it felt strange but I knew I could get used to it. I sighed and rode off, looking around for a sign to where I was.

"What is this place...." I thought to myself but my thoughts were quickly cut off by the sound of rocks crumbling beneath me. I looked down, only to be greeted by a cliff. I jumped off of my new "friend" and looked at the cliff. I wondered how I didn't see it until now. A cliff. It's too obvious to not notice. I suddenly felt something pushing me and I stumbled. 


I could feel myself falling into the darkness. I didn't know what to do or how to react. I felt this was my end.




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