A Novel about Flora and her life.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1.

It wasn’t even 7.30 and I had already contemplating murdering someone “Face of fucking thunder you!” Jamie giggled, I gave him my worst which only made him fit with laughter, I rolled my eyes “You can be a git at times” I thought to myself, thats one thing I like about being able to think, I can think whatever I like, no consequences, no hurt feelings, just your opinions and mean thoughts and compliments you never have to voice. “Off in your own world Flora? Find any friends yet?” now Abigail is one person I would appreciate keeping her thoughts to herself when she’s like this. Jamie glared at her “I was only joking baby!” Abigail backpedaled, she gave him a kiss on the cheek “must-control-gag-reflex” I thought contemptuously. What he sees in her I do not know, yeah, she’s technically ‘hot’ what he seems to miss is she has the personality of rotten potato at times. Anyway, I guess I should introduce myself, I’m Flora, erm, I’m 5” and I am recovering. Look, I know you’re part of my recovery but right now I don’t want to get too in depth, for all thats all you need to know. “Flora, Flora, FLORA!” evidently Juju was on the bus, she was blushing so much so looked as though she was a badly sunburnt tomato, “Hey Ju-” “Look, I made a new friend” she interrupted “His name is, oh shit, what is your name again?” Oh my lord, he was beautiful like something out of fanfiction. “Good social skills Juju 10/10” I mumbled, putting on my headphones and closing my eyes.

Great move Flora, don’t shit yourself. Shhh. You really think you look cool right now? Ooh look at me my names Flora, I’m so sarcastic and mysterious! Look, I panicked, I just want to get to school without being stressed, okay? Lame, enjoy having no friends, and to think you thought you have a chance with that guy? You’re so shallow! You don't even know his name! I’ll be okay, just leave me alone, yeah? Eh, you’re boring me, ttyl whore.

I walked into maths, everyone stared at me, I pulled down my sleeves but turns out everyone was looking at the shadow caster behind me “He’s so cute” I heard a girl mutter, “Is he a transfer?” I heard someone else say. I slumped over to my table in the corner, hot shadowcaster strode to the front, he started to talk to Mr Arch, Arch seeming nodded in agreement. I put my head on the desk, I was shattered, Scarlett likes to moan late at night when I need to sleep, “So class, as you can see we have a new student today.” Mr Arch boomed, I groaned, how can such a tiny man have such a loud voice? “As you can also see, Mr…” “Atticus” shadowcaster informed “Mr Atticus here needs somewhere to sit, would anyone be able to help him?” “ME” Chantelle shrieked, “But I’m sitting here!” Maddy moaned “Then MOVE” Chantelle glared, Chantelle is the slut of our year, I’m surprised what’s his face hasn’t already been moved near her with the cosmic suction force of her vagina. “I’m okay, thanks” Atticus interrupted “I see that seats already taken.” he winked at Maddy,she practically started drooling, or at least thats what Juju said. At this point I was napping on my desk and probably drooling. “I’ll sit next to her” he pointed at me evidently as I awoke with a rather hot guy trying to borrow my scientific calculator “57” I said “What? Is that the answer?” Atticus replied, I stared at him intently, a little too long it seems as he apologised for whatever offence he had caused me. “No, no, no, shadowcaster, I’ve just woken up and A: if I’m woken up I assume that Mr Arch needs and answer and B: No one sits next to me so you’re not what I expected to wake up to.” I retorted thinking I oozed intelligence “Did you, did you just call me shadowcaster?” he grinned so wide I swear his lips touched his glasses Well, that went well Flora! Wahey! I grimaced “Er, can we pretend I didn’t?” “Once you explain, yes, then I will forget you ever said it” he sassed with a half-smirk, I took a sharp inhale“I-called-you-shadowcaster-because-you’re-really-tall-so-you-cast-a-shadow-and-that’s-what-I-referred-to-you-as-when-in-my-brain” I said all in one breath, I stared at my desk in shame “Atticus” I looked up at him, “What?” I mumbled shamefully “My name is Atticus and by the way I chose to sit with you, ol’ Chantelle has been giving you daggers in your sleep because I chose an unconscious you over her” he then whispered “I think she thinks I’m hot and because she thinks she’s hot she must see me as her property.” he stared at me dead seriously and then came out in fits of laughter when I raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t catch your name by the way…” Atticus inquired “Flora” I stuttered. “Well consider me Fauna” he grinned.

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