Neville's Dare (A Nuna One-Shot)


1. Neville's Dare (A Nuna One-Shot)

Nevilles P.O.V.

"Neville! Truth or Dare" Ron nearly screamed at me. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Draco, and I are playing Truth or Dare. "Ummm... Dare?" I say uncertainly. Ron looks at me with an evil smirk. I shouldn't have said dare. "I dare you to kiss the girl that you fancy. If she's not in this room, we find whoever it is and you STILL have to do it." Ron says smiling, probably proud of himself. I gulp. "Do I have to?" I whine. "A dare is a dare." Harry says looking at Luna and then winking at me. Shit, he knows. I've fancied Luna since my fifth year, and now I have to kiss her and it's all Rons fault. "Fine" I say finally giving in. I slowly walk towards Luna, and I kiss her quickly on the cheek (Ron didn't say WHERE I had to kiss Luna). As I'm about to walk back to my seat, Luna grabs my arm and says, "You call that a kiss" Huh? "Wha-" before I could finish my sentence Luna kisses me right on the mouth! Everyone in the room looks shocked. I kiss her back. The kiss lasted only three seconds. After she's about to pull away but I hold her cheek gently, and pull her into another, more heated, kiss! Everyone is even more shocked by my sudden act of bravery. We both pulled away when air became important, and our foreheads were pressed together. We hear everyone in the room applaud. Luna and I both blush, embarrassed that everyone saw that. All of a sudden Draco Malfoy rolls his eyes and says "About time those two got together."

Authors Note: Draco ships it! Well,hoped you liked it! It was just something that popped into my mind while I was at school. I'm sorry if Luna seemed a bit OOC but it made the story more interesting. Please let me know if you want me to do a Harry Potter Truth or Dare story! If you do the people in it will be The Big Seven and myself or course. Also! Sorry about all the Neville/Luna Fanfic I'm just too obsessed!

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