The Balaclava Bandit

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  • Published: 21 Apr 2015
  • Updated: 14 Apr 2015
  • Status: Complete
500 Word Story


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Adrian was quite enjoying watching his victim, Thomas Johnson, struggling for words. In fact it filled him with delight every time that man suffered. He absolutely loved it!

“P-P-please…” Thomas spluttered desperately as Adrian circled the chair he was tied to. Thomas knew he wouldn’t get away. No one got away from him. Thomas had heard about the criminal many times before but has assumed it was all a myth. However, now trapped in this tiny room with the dangerous villain, Thomas knew that it was in fact not a myth at all- it was completely real.

“Please, please just let me go.” Pleaded Thomas, a panic-stricken expression etched on his face. Adrian’s piercingly green eyes suddenly softened as he felt a slight pinch of sympathy for the man. But this quickly vanished as he remembered his plan. This had to be done. He wouldn’t feel sorry for this man after what he had done. He couldn’t.

“Okay.” Adrian finally started to speak. His voice was deep and threatening even though it was somewhat muffled by the black balaclava that he wore which concealed every part of his face but his intensely vivid eyes. “Let’s make a little… arrangement, shall we?” Adrian continued. “I won’t kill you…if you do something for me.” Thomas gulped forcefully. Would this man really kill him if he didn’t do as he wanted? Thomas already knew the answer.

“Fine.” Thomas agreed. “What exactly do you want me to do?” He attempted to appear as if he wasn’t afraid of his abductor but he was fooling no one. He was practically shivering with terror as he waited for Adrian to reply.

Adrian paused as if he was considering what it was that he wanted. But he was already pretty sure what he wanted. “I’ve heard a lot about you, Mr Johnson. You are a very…let’s say, wealthy man…” Thomas knew precisely where this was going. This scoundrel was just like everybody else. All anyone ever wants is one thing: money.

“How much do you want?” Thomas asked spitefully, his face screwed up in resentment and abhorrence for the criminal. Adrian raised an eyebrow, surprised by his victim’s sudden increase in confidence.

“100K.” Adrian retorted sharply. “By Friday.” Thomas nodded.

“It’s a deal.” He agreed. Adrian grinned widely underneath his balaclava. His plan was going exactly the way he had hoped it would.

“Excellent…” He said as he walked into the next room, leaving his victim and locking the door behind him. Looking into the mirror, he slowly pulled off his balaclava. Staring back at him through the dirty glass he saw a man. A hideous man. A hideous man who had been hiding away most of his life. A hideous man hiding his most hideous secret. A hideous man hiding his hideous face, burnt and ruined from the fire. The fire that changed his life forever. And all because of one man, who will soon be paying the price. And that man was Thomas Johnson.

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