The Boy Next Door >> n.h

The boy was there, in his usual place by the window. Always by the window, he never came out (well not that I saw anyway). He was staring at me, he was staring right into my soul. I felt something, something strange in my chest, something I had never felt before... And I didn't even know his name. But little did I know that this boy, the strange boy in the house next door would lead to many adventures. Adventures I had never experienced...


1. Chapter 1

*Ayva's POV*


"I love you baby girl" He told me, enveloping me into a hug. "I love you too Niall, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, as cheesy as it sounds" I said back hugging him back. Suddenly he jolted away from me and ran into the kitchen of our house, "Niallll, where you gooo, I'm soo cold and you're soo warm!" I moaned.

He came back into the room about five minutes later after the ping of the microwave, with a bowel of popcorn in his hands. "Story time!!" He shouted with a big grin on his face. I swear to god he is still a child sometimes! "Really Niall?" I said with a look sort of saying you're-not-five-years-old! You get me? "And yes really Ayva! Now how we first met... I'll start...."  


wow okaii I know this is short but I wanted to just start off lol! Anyway I really hope you guys enjoy this story soo yeah byeex

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