Half a heart

Anna is a normal girl, she wouldn't call herself popular cause all her friends are her friends because of her popular twin brother, Joel.
When her brother get shipped of to England her heart feels empty.
Her parents wont believe her when se says she has no friends.
Soon she meet a boy that she find weird but soon she realise that this boy mean more to her than what she could ever expect. This boy Called Sebastian falls head over heels for Anna the first time he saw her, but he knows she doesn't feel the same. He does everything to get her attention but when Anna finally do she realise it was a bad idea to fall in love, cause this boy have secrets you never thought were real.


1. 1/ New start

Annas POV:


One summer, 2 and a half month, that's what it took for me to change everything.

My looks, my personality and my attitude. My whole life was rubbed out of order.

Now I'm here, infront of the school i have been avoiding during summer vacation. I mean everybody avoids school during summer but, i couldn't even walk by.

Everything is exactly like it was before everyone left, the smell of cleaning chemicals and sweaty feet is still there and the 'bad kids' has already written ugly words with a black marker on almost all the lockers. 

It's just that this time I'm different, and for the 2nd my twin brother Joel is not here.

He's not next to me with his black packpack over his right shoulder and a huge grin, saying 'C'mon sis, its not that bad!'. My parents thought it would be best for Joel if he continued to study somewhere he couldn't get distracted, so they sent him to a school in England. Yeah ENGLAND!!  Don't get me wrong, it's so beautiful and i love it there it's just, it's so far away from our home here in America. 

I really don't know how my parets were thinking since Joel's my other half and now it feels like i have, half a heart. He have one half and i have one. 

A couple of girls with cake faces walk past me, they giggle and give me ¨that¨ look.I sigh and continue my walk. I walk into the bathroom to check my make up. My before almost black hair now has a nice brown colour with blond tips, almost ombré, the sun can do wonders. My blue eyes search for mistakes in my outfit. Low waisted, black ripped jeans and a Blink-182 shirt matched with a pair of black doc martins. 

I walk towards class alone since my Best friend Stacy moved to Australia before summer. There again, half a heart. 

Last semester i had big black glasses covering my slim nose, but my mom got me contact instead, don't get me wrong! I love glasses i think its cool and u shouldn't be ashamed for bad eye sight.

I grab my english book on the way and a frown appears on my face when the first bell rings. My personality changed from a happy, bubbly Anna, to a quiet and moody one. My parents noticed this ang got me a dog, i don't want a dog, i want my Joel.

I want him in the room next to mine and the smell of his cologne in the bathroom in the mornings, I want to see his dirty underwear on the ground and hear his light snores at night, yea i know creepy much....


I walk into class and sit down in the back. 

"Anna?" The voice made me jump slightly and i looked up to see Joels best friend Thomas Johnson chuckling. He prefer to be called Tom since he hate his name, idk why, i like the name Thomas. 

"Oh, hi Tom" i answer. A smile crept on to his face. "So it is you, You've changed A LOT" he laugh slightly, i just stare at him and nod before turning back around. "Oh no!, i menat you changed for the good, u look good, i didn't mean you looked bad, no you are drop dead gorgeous!, Oh wait, did i say that out loud i mea-" 

"It's okay Tom, thank you" I smile at his stupid comments. He sits down next to me before offering me a ride home later. I thank him yes since i didn't want to catch the bus.  Right before last period i stood by my locker looking for my math book. 

"Excuse me?, but do you know where room 132 is?" I jumped and put a hand over my heart. "First of all, never scare me like that again and 2nd, Im on my way there now. I looked up to see the persons eyes. And boy was he fine....

"Im Anna" i put out my hand for him to shake. He gladly shakes it "Marcus, but my friends call me Marc" "Well Marcus you wanna leave for class?"  

"Gladly but please call me Marc" i smile and says "Friends already eh?" He chuckle and we walk to class. 

I wait for Tom and when he comes he gives me a quick hug, "It's you and me now Anna" i laugh, "Well, at least i have one more friend" 

"Who's the other one?" he asks.  "Uuh the new kid Marcus or Marc for short" i say. His eyebrows goes up and he smiles, "Wanna go for ice cream?" The start of a six pack on my stomach i worked so hard for says no but my half heart would like something sweet. "Yea sure, why not" A smile spread across my face as he started the engine and we drove towards the ice cream parlour.


(A/N: Hey you guys, What do u think about this story, i know I'm really bad at grammar but hopefully i learn. Please like, fave or whatev, and leave comments on things you think or want will/to happen!)





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