Jason Todd x Reader: The Other Kind

Jason was always a very important person to you. He was born a hero, and he died a hero. But when he ressurects, what kind of hero is he? A vigilante? Or is it the OTHER kind?


1. Savior

Walking through the bustling streets of Gotham, you're listening to music, trying to move with the beat. It tuned down the hectic noise; the screeching cars, the angry people, EVERYTHING. Always preferring a controllable workspace and thinking that the world was your workspace, you never particularly LIKED seeing the world like this.

"'Scuse me"s and "Sorry"s are the only words that ever polluted the sound of your [genre] music. Not even bothering to listen to whatever anybody else said, you stopped wasting your voice and just twisted and turned with the gears of the crowd.

Without caution , you feel someone pull the back of your shirt. "H-hey!," you said, angrily. Maybe this guy mistook you for someone else, so you shook your headphones off and screamed, "Hey, I think you got the wrong kid!!!!"

He just growled, twisted you, and pulled you over his shoulder. 'Uh oh', you nervously thought to yourself. 'He DIDN'T get the wrong kid."

Your captor found an emptier place and threw you down. "Unf!," you said, as your body hit the floor. Looking up, you saw a thug with a mask pointing a gun at you.

You cursed to yourself, already knowing what he wanted. Your beautiful necklace, with real diamonds, hung visible from on top of your shirt. It didn't quite match your outfit, but it had been given to you by a friend you loved very much five years ago. There was no way you were handing it over to him.

"Aw, HELLL no," you said, when you thought of this in that one flash. "You are NOT taking my necklace."

"And why is that, little girl?," he smirked, showing off his sharp teeth {A/N: *sarcastically* Yes, my dear fangirls. This is Rin Matsukoa}. "I thought you'd be nicer than this."

"So, since my dead boyfriend gave this to me only a week before he died, and for a very special reason, I'd give it to you. Ha! Fat chance, mister."

The man sighed and "tsk"ed repeatedly, then turned on the aiming light, which was pointed on my head.

"Well, Jason," you squeaked, cloaking your eyes. "I'll see you up--"

The man gasped... As if he were in extreme pain. Blood gushed out of his mouth, as well as out of his wound. He fell face-down to the ground, revealing the handle of a dagger. You pulled it out and looked up, seeing another man.

He had a red helmet, the kind that you'd see bikers wear. He also wore a brown leather jacket, black pants, and around his waist was a belt with holsters. You guessed he looked scary epic enough, but you couldn't help but smile gratefully and hold up the knife for him. He shook his head as he threw down a smokebomb and disappeared.

"Who is he," you murmured to yourself, the bloody dagger still in your hands.

God, I am obsessed. I hope y'all don't mind ;)

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