The Story of Amber Flames

10 year old Amber Flames has known she is demigod since she was 5. But, when she turns 11 she finds out that she is more than just a demigod, she is a witch.


1. My backstory

    Hi, my name is Amber Flames,I go to this place called Came Halfblood which means that I am a demigod and that means that one of my parents is a god. My godly parent Hermes the messager god.You might be wondering... Oh, sorry you are diffidently wondering how I know I am a  demigod.  Well it all started when I was 5. I was living with my aunt because my mom died when I was 1. I really never knew her. So, back to how I found out I was demigod. I was playing in my backyard when I saw this hideous monster it's bottom half was human its top half was bull. All it was wearing on its bottom half was underwear. It chased me all the way to camp Halfblood and then they told me I was a   Demigod. At first I did not believe them but then I saw the rest of the camp and realized that it could not be a lie.


Author's  note: Hi guys, this is my first movellas. I hope you like it!



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