svaret findes i arven


1. fødsel af en handy cappet person

it was u n' me
and our juvels from each others other, i could never bother
for me  they where one just from another mother
i feelt  so reborn but now its suddenly all  gone
hinsided by the trail of your dust
form your soft to the crust
of the reality no explanation 
left to paint my sense of the situation
of the blurring truth
to the understanding of us me and how it is to be u
and the pain fear n' exitement to move on
wish to be strong right my wrong
Never look back forgiven embrassing fact
i now know stays in  past I finish last
your memories strengthen me
in calm and stormy sea
Im still failing falling in the lonely dusk
trying in a new dawn to trust
if i dont sees that light
im ready again at the end of every night
body fights to get up mind says i had enough
but my spirit wont seem to give up
believing the ray  of a new day
will guide me to a harmonic way
no judgement or assumption in my divine living cells
my path to life of infinitive  wealth
tryed to steal sin twist manipulate to get it nearer
answer in my mirror acknowledge all lifes trial n' error
Set me set thee set it all free just leave and let bee
i shall try i will embrasse no hesitancy
performe the art grace to be humble
allow my surrounding to fumble stumple and never ever grumble

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