The return of the marauders

(Lily was 20 when Harry was born and Azalea was 18) It's been 16 years since Azalea left Sirius after Lily's death and Lea's brother James' death. Two years after there death Lea was imprisoned by Bellatrix in Malfoy manor.


1. Azalea's P.O.V

"Filthy mudbloods," Bellatrix screeched. "And that Harry Potter to. He'll end up like his mudblood mother." I hated to think about Lily or James but worst of all Sirius. I left him without leaving him a note. I miss him. All thanks to the insane lunatic upstairs he's d...d...dead. I rubbed a tears away from my eyes. I thought about Sky my daughter and her twin brother Leo they are in the same year as Ginny. Remus told me a lot about Ginny and how Harry fancied Ginny and that she had red hair and brown eyes. So basically like Lily with James' eyes. I haven't seen my daughter, Skylar Arachne Black, or Leo Sirius Black, my son, since they were going into their 4th year at Hogwarts so two years ago. I was dragged to platform 9 3/4 with Bellatrix when she was in a disguise so she could see Draco go into his 5th year. Sky and Leo both got into Gryffindor. Mooney took care of them. He's a life saver.


I was snapped out of my thoughts when two snatchers came down.

"Stay there girl," One of them snarled at me. When they went back out I changed into my animagus, a gleaming white fox. After I squeezed through the bars I changed into a human, grabbed a wand and stunned the two snatchers. I quickly ran through the room and saw Mooney, "Lea!" He yelled and was distracted so I hit the death eater he was fighting, Yalaxy, with the killing spell so he wouldn't hurt Mooney. We both disapperated in different directions. I went to the ancient and noble house of Black. I held back tears and walked up to Sirius's room. He told me if he ever died he'd leave me something in the wardrobe. I saw a small golden box. Inside was a scrapbook of all the marauders, except Pettigrew of course. There was when I turned Mooney's hair white, when me and Sirius admitted we liked each other, James mocking us and much more. I walked down the stairs and burst into tears. Then the door opened. I grabbed a tight hold of the box.

"Whose there?" A voice yelled in anger.

"Lea is that you?" Remus asked.

"M..Mooney?" I walked to them. He looked in my eye.


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