Q and A

I've seen loads of people do this to cure boredom, so I decided to because, why not? Ask away!


1. Rules


Do not ask:

Anything innapropriate

Anything to do with where I live and other private details

Anything offensive to myself or others

I don't mind deep questions, but if you ask anything way too seriously personal (which I'm sure you won't go near), Dark Link will find you when you are asleep.

Dark Link: *smirks* That's too easy! Can I wake them up so we can have a battle to the death?

Me: *facepalm*


Other than that, have fun with my Q and A!!!!

Pit: Can we ask questions, too?!

Dark Pit: No, genius!

Me: Actually... You can! People viewing this will be able to ask you guys questions, too!

Pit: That's awesome!!!

Dark Pit: Oh, boy...


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