The Hufflepuff year

This story is the book that comes after The Hufflepuff party. WHile Rebecca is now a second year it's still feels like she's going to Hogwarts for the first time. Only this time it's about to get crazy.


1. The summer of books.

I see them. Mom and dad. They tried to send me another howler but Sasha burned it for me. Sasha was really cool when you get to know her but she got me into way more trouble. The whole year was just like a weird dream. It all went so fast and I can't remember anything. "Rebecca!" I look around and see Tasha and Sasha waving goodbye. I wave back and then I see my sisters and brothers. They haven't changed at all.

My dad takes me by the shoulder and pulls me into the car. The whole way home no one says anything. Once we got home I ran upstairs to my room and locked the door. Then I saw it. There was books everywhere. Ravenclaw books. The tittles were things like how to get good grades 101, your a ravenclaw now, and tips for a early ravenclaw. But the worst book of all was the ravenclaw's way.

On each book there was a post-it note saying things like read 5 times, quiz Monday. The door handle started to move and I yelled "go away!" The door handle moved again and the again. Then it stopped but I could hear something moving. The door opened and I saw my little sister Liz holding a paper clip and the biggest book I have ever seen in my whole life. "Oh great! Thanks for the extra credit!"

Liz looked puzzled and then gave me the book. "It's a cheat sheet for all the quiz's moms going to give you. I thought you need a break." I took the book and flipped the pages. On each page was a different test with all the right answers. I pulled Liz into a hug as she said into my ear "I want to be a Hufflepuff like you."

A/N Hey guys! This is the second book of The Hufflepuff party and I'm sorry that my last book ended all weird but this book I hope will be way better. Like my other book I will write a chapter every Sunday bye! 

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