Maxwell Parker

Maxwell, a teenager finds a magic wand while playing a game in his school ground. Now he is in the world of complicated magical problems.


1. Clean Bowled!


  It was the last over of the Inter-school cricket championship taken in

  Crewel International Institute Of Education.

There were two teams- Flairs & Blazers. Now flairs had scored 120/4 and blazers needed still 97 runs to win the match. There was no hope they would win because it was the last over and the over for most weak batsman!!-


"Kick him out with your ball" shouted Kiersten Rolex, the captain of flairs team. "Nope!!" shouted Max. The umpire stared at him. He smiled at the umpire and he moved away from the stumps as the bowl was hurled by Warren Peter.

"Out!" shouted Warren, but Max was still smiling!! "Clean Bowled!!" said the commentator. Max dragged himself towards the recess room. After some time, 3 of his friends, Boltex Warrot, Ronald Fixin & Shwaha Weltonade had their last bowls and came to the same recess room & sat there. Then Shwaha shouted"Bored right?, then let's play the amazing game called 'Hedgehog Blah Blah Stranger Find It!' " . "What the heck!!???" Max amused. Everybody laughed loudly! "The game goes like this, I'll hide my locket somewhere in the mud, then you have to find that and whoever will find it, I'll give the my flying cycle for hire for a month!!!, how about that??, and first you guys have to tell how are you different from others" said Shwaha "First, mm-mm, Max!! you tell how your odd from others in the school' said Shwaha "mm-hmm, yeah!, I have a surname as my first name!" Max said & everybody started grinning at him."Hey let's skip this part of game and start now!" shouted Boltex. Shwaha agreed and hid the locket somewhere in the ground.



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