You Again. {H.S}

When Valerie returns to homes chapel for a friends wedding she doesn't expect to see the handsome and famous Harry Styles, she hasn't seem him for since he left school!

What will happen when they meet again? Will he be all his cracked up to be? Has he changed? Will he even remember her?


1. 2010

__ flashback 2010__

"Ok class lets all wish Harry good luck for tomorrow with his performance" says Ms Jones smiling at the front of the class.

"God that's all everyone's been talking about this week"my best friend Penny complains as she rocks back an forth on her chair. "I can't believe Harry is going on to X factor" I say truthfully. I mean he is a great singer, it's just that I don't know it's crazy!!

I turn to face Harry a few chairs down from me. A few guys and girls surround him wishing him luck, As he smiles from cheek to cheek with his two dimples popping out. I loved his smile.

I've known Harry since I was seven. His a pretty cool guy..... I actually used to have a crush on him when I was nine i even had a sleepover at his house once. Let's just say when news spread that Harry had a girl sleep over an it "wasn't cool to be friends with girls" we stopped talking and the play dates stopped.

Of cause now we still talk here an there and always say hey when we see each other but we both hangout with different people, different crowds. I'm sure you get it.

I walk over to Harry once everyone has gone.

" Hey Haz good luck, not that you'll need it, go kill em" I say giving the curly headed boy a hug. "Thanks Valerie I'll try my best" he says looking me in the eye with a nervous smile before giving me a wink. Harry was always very polite but also very cheeky too.

I laugh at him before walking away to rejoin Penny. "What if Harry becomes famous?" I say quietly to Penny " he has to get through first Val" she whispers back rolling her eyes. I lean back in my chair an watch Harry.

I don't no how how but I just knew that when Harry left today and got on that stage he wouldn't be come back, everything would change.

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