trying to forget

Mekenna star the newbie in high school with a dark past. she moves to California to get her shit together but what happens when she meets Harry styles the player, the jock, and the schools most popular guy that reminds her why she left in the first place?


1. ch.1


"Ugh". I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Great just fucking great. I start a new school in an hour.

I get out of bed and head downstairs were my two older brothers and three younger sisters are eating breakfast. I look at jack and Dan with disgust and they eat like pigs.

"If you want to eat like a pig go to a farm"I say while getting my yogurt out the fridge.

"Have fun on your first day of school McKenna" jack and Dan yell in unison. O

I'm so sorry I haven't updated I just thought of the plot and what to write so I might update tomorrow idk yet

-maddie 💁🏼❤️

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