My Brothers Best Friend

When you met your brothers best friend what will happen, and when they get famous and you go on tour with them will sparks fly?


1. chapter 1



"Ugh.... What time is it" I hate Monday's so much. "Well time for a shower" I hopped out of the bed and went to the shower, to get ready for school. I like school but I hate tests and quizzes and waking up early.

"Stephanie come out of the goddam shower!" My annoying brother,Ashton, called.

"I'm out,I'm out, hold your horses!" I said trying to hold the laughter

I live with my brother since my parents died in a car crash.

"Thank you!"

"Hey, ash can you take me to school, because I don't want to walk to school""please" I pleaded

" no, but Luke can you walk you"

"Ok, I will go and ask him then" and with that u went to Luke's room, and yes he lives us also Micky and Cal.

"Hey, umm ..... Luke can drive me to school?" I said and I totally forgot that I had a very small towel rapped around my body.

"Yeah, I would love to" he smirked

"Thank you" I was totally blushing "I will meet you down stairs" and then I left to get dressed.

I decided to wear my high waisted blue shorts and a white crop top that showed my belly button ring, then I went to the kitchen to eat some breakfast and to make breakfast for the boys.

"BREAKFAST" I shouted, no one came down so I went first to Cal's room

"Hey cal breakfast is ready ahhhh..... It burns" I just walked in on cal in his boxers

" you know you love it" he smirked

" shut up" I said and walked out of his room and went to Micky's

" Micky's breakfast fast is ready" I said but he was asleep so I put my lips On his ears and shouted

"GET UP" and then he jumped and start to to run to the kitchen. After him I went to Luke's room

"Hey Luke breakfast is ready"

" oh thanks" as I was going get out I felt to strong arms wrapped around my hips and I noticed it was Luke and he started to move me closer to him.

"Can you go on a date with me?" He asked

"Yeah I would love to" I said with i smile and then Luke kissed my cheek "Great I will come and get you after school so we can go on the date" and then he left his room and went down stairs.

"Ok" I said with a shock"now ash's room"

"ash breakfast"

" ok I am coming" he than I left and went down stairs to find all the boys there except ash.

"Hey, Stephanie can you help me with my Math Homework" cal said

"Yes, but not now, ok?"

" yeah thanks"

" Luke, let's go?" I asked

" Sure, just let me get my keys"he said then cal and Micky started to wiggle there eyebrows at me and Luke and I shot them a death glare, and went out the door with Luke

"Umm can we get Starbucks on the way to school" I asked

"Yeah, any thing to spend more time with you" he winked at me so I blushed and I tried to hide it

"No, don't hide it, you look really cute when you blush" so I blushed even harder

"LUKE STOP" I yelled at him

"Fine but one condition you give me a kiss"

"Fine" I said and lent in and kissed him he put his hand on my whist and I put my hands on his neck to deepen the kiss and then I pulled away. We both had swollen lip and wide smiles

"Umm lets get a drink so we won't be late for school" he said but I stopped him

"No you wait here I will go get a drink and came back, do you want a drink" I asked he said no so I got out of the car and into Starbucks.

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