only he knows



1. chapter 1

I wake up around five and concentrate on the little blue dot on my wall.

Im not even sure what it is but its a blue blinking dot.. I stare at it for a

little while longer but, then reality sets in and i realize i need to get

up from my perch on my bed and start to get dressed for school.

I slump to my bathroom and put my hair into a side braid and, put on a bit

of mascara and, eyeliner.

I walk back into my room, smooth out my blue and pink flowered sun dress,

throw on my cream colored converse, fly down stairs, grab my keys and bag, and head

out to my car.

Its raining horribly as a run to the car door, quickly unlock the car and

get in.
I imeadiatly put on the heat and stick in one of my cd's

This one is in fact of mice and men, bones exposed.

I jam out in my car for a little while, speakers blasting, waiting for it to heat up. I didnt expect it to be this cold or i would have worn something a bit warmer..

I text J, my best friend that I am on my way to school.

He replies "k"

I rush over to his house hoping that he would still be there.

I woke up early just so I could do that.

It now being 5:45 and us having to be at school by 6:50 I thought maybe

he would have some time to spare and we could hang out and I could drive

him to school.

I get to his house, go down his severely, super long driveway, park beside a

small fountain and walk up the steps, and enter without knocking.

"Hey! Im here to pick you up!"

I exclaim loudly into the large front room.

There is a large stair case, like in one of those movies, with the chandelier

hanging above it, and a little table on each sides of the staircase.

"J! Get down here!" 

I yell louder than the first time.

"im coming Jazz!"

He yells from upstairs.






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