Not Your Type

It started with a Cat.

All songs in this story are real and are being used as originals. They do not belong to me.


1. It's always Cat



I'd only known Cat and Lacey for a little while and I already knew Cat was the reason we did half of the things we do. Her and Lacey had been best friends since preschool. They were inseparable. Lacey had a tough kind of image to her, but she was a sweetheart once you got to know her. And she was an amazing singer and guitarist. That's how we became friends, we were both great at guitar and she asked if I'd form a band with them.

At first me and Cat weren't the best of friends but after awhile she said she was jealous of me. But of course we got over it and now were great friends. Cat was always a little wild and loved to try new things. She was always smiling even when she got her heart broken she didn't shed a tear. Instead she wrote an amazing song about it, Never Have I Ever. She was always writing amazing songs.

Today we got a new student in our class, she was beautiful. She had long curly hair like mine. But hers was blonde and she had blue eyes. Cat smirked at me and Lacey and we were both confused. We never knew what went on in that girls head.

After class she ran over to the new girl. "Hi, I'm Catherine. You?" she asked. "Alison James." The girl smiled she looked back at us. "I'm Madeline." I said "Lacey." We all waited for Cat to hurry up. "Do you play an instrument? You look like a drummer." Cat said. "Cat! You can't just say those things!" I protested and she smiled back at me. " How could you tell?" Alison said under her. We all looked at her surprised.  "I'm good at those sort of things." Cat smiled. 

After school we invited Alison over and we play Never have I ever for her and she seemed very pleased with the melody and pace of the song. "It needs some beat." She suggested. We nodded our heads in agreement. "Madeline do you have anything Allison can use for a drum?" Lacey asked. I nod my head run into the other room to retrieve a plastic box. I hand her the box, turning it over and sitting on the top, giving it a few taps. "Is that okay?" I ask. "Perfect." She smiles. "We should go again so Allison can put a beat in it." Cat says.

Long after several runs with Allison on drums, we all agree that the song sounds better than before. Therefore we had to decide a band name.





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