1. The End

His eyes gleamed like the stars in the night sky (10-A)

His body was muscular but also slim (10-B)

But to her he was not an average guy (10-A)

He was many things to her, not some plain jim. (10-B)


Things went wrong when he had to move far away (10-A)

She could no longer hold him and share her love (10-B)

She wanted all of his love but could only pray (10-A)

But they fell apart and he threw in the glove (10-B)


He walked away untouched with her heart in hand (10-C)

At night she prayed and cried to her bright star (10-D)

Then she realized they had come just too far (10-D)


She couldn't walk away now, not without him (10-C)

They had made a promise once: For better or worse (10-D)

Without him in the deep end, she couldn’t swim. (10-C)

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