Summer Camp

This book is all about a whole bunch of persons on a summer camp where they experience love and friendship

YOU can be in this book! all you have to do is comment:
what type of person you are
maybe even whose boy/girlfriend you want to be (gay or straight doesnt matter)


1. Chapter 1

Niall's POV

Yes Finally, Summer break. I've waited sooo long to get rid of this place called school. You see the problem is that I have no friends at all, at least no real friends. People talk to me and all but nobody does know the real me. one of the reasons I have no real friends is that I am a really shy guy. Another reason is that I have such different interest compared with the other people around here. I am more of an art person I love to sing, dance and draw but at my school almost everything is about sports and there is one thing I suck at and that is sports. but as I mentioned earlier it is summer so I have six weeks without school. yay!

when I walk out of the school building the first thing I notice is that the sun is shining in my face and that is it hot. Perfect weather for a walk home, better than getting home soaked because het rains like it normally does here in Ireland. When I walk I notice many people wear colorful clothes another sign of summer. After another ten minutes I can see my house and I see my mom getting bags in the car. I thought we were staying home this summer? ‘’Hey’’ my mom greeted. ‘’hey. Why are you packing by the way, are we going on a holiday trip?’’ I asked ‘’No honey, I am really sorry to say this but I have to go on a work trip to South-Africa and I asked if I could bring you along but they weren’t fond of that idea so I decided to get you to a summer camp. Please don’t be mad but the only family we have left lives in The Netherlands and I they were going on a trip as well so this was the only thing I could think of.’’ She explained ‘’But you couldn’t ask me first? What kind of camp is it?’’ I asked a little shocked by the sudden news. ‘’I’m really sorry but the due time for getting in the camp was at twelve and it is an all-round camp, with nice cabins. They have a whole range of activities but you can decide yourself if you want to join those. And maybe you can even make some good friend.’’ ‘’I’ve never accomplished that in all those years school so don’t get to much hope that is going to happen. When will we leave by the way?’’ ‘’don’t be so pessimistic and to be honest we are leaving now. I am bringing you to the airport but we have to hurry up otherwise you will miss your plane.

‘’Everyone, please fasten your seatbelts. We are going to land soon.’’ The pilot spoke trough the intercom. So I fastened my belt and waited for the plan to touch the ground. When that happened we were guided off board in the direction of the exit of this small airport in woods of the country I am going to spend my summer in. wait mom never told me what country I was going to cause she thought it would be more fun to keep it a surprise. I looked around to see a sign with ‘’welcome to Zell am See ~ Austria’’ Really mom, you sent me too Austria. A well at least it is an English camp cause I am the worst in German. Where do I have to go now? I can’t see anyone that is going to get me. When I turn around there was someone behind me and I let out a shriek.  ‘’Whoa, easy, I guess you are Niall? You seemed to be lost so I already taught you were the one I was looking for, I am Scott by the way one of the camp leaders so follow me.’’ Scott said ‘’eh.. o.. ok’’ I said still a little dazed of the nearly heart attack he gave me and the rapid speed he talked in. I followed him to a little VW van that was really cute. We both got in and he started to drive. ‘’So you’re from Ireland, I have to say that you are the first Irishman I have seen at camp, when there is something going on you can come to me, I am your camp guide this summer so you are defiantly at the best team ever.’’ ‘’what do you mean with team?’’ I asked being the curious person I am, I do like this guy he seems nice. ‘’Every summer all the guys and girls get divided over all the camp leaders and they form a team, and the winning team gets to go on a group dinner and gets many more prices and Stiles or Derek have won the past three years in row so I really want to beat them this time.’’ ‘’Aha, it sounds like this summer is going to be a lot of fun.’’

When we arrived at camp -which was huge by the way- Scott brought me to our cabins (yes every team has his own bunch of cabins) and told me that in every cabin contains four persons, two guys and two girls. I am the first one that is at my cabin which is 203 (two for team two and zero three for cabin three) and I notice that the cabin is quite large with a living area with a sofa and a TV and two bedrooms with each two beds and a bathroom which even has a bathtub and we even have our own kitchen!. I love you mom! When I drop my bag in the biggest bedroom, sorry Girls but I need my space, I hear that the door opens and when I look I see two nice looking girls standing in the doorpost. ‘’hey’’ I greeted ‘’Hi’’ they respond in unison. ‘’I’m Niall Horan’’ ‘’I’m Lydia Martin and this is my friend Elena Gilbert’’ the girl on the left says. ‘’nice to meet you, your bedroom is on the left side, it is a bit smaller but I already claimed the big one cause I need my space.’’ ‘’no problem’’ Lydia laughs ‘’hey’’ someone says and when I look I see a very handsome guy standing in the doorway, Yes I am into guys and if you have a problem with that stop reading. ‘’He.. hey’’ I said, stupid Niall act normal if want to even have the slightest chance with him. ‘’I am Dylan, and yes I am the little brother of Stiles and we do look a lot like each other but he is three years older, don’t ask me how it is so.’’ He stated. Wow he even has a hot voice, keep it together Niall. ‘’I’m Niall and this are Lydia and Elena.’’ ‘’Hi’’ the girls say in unison again. ‘’our room is here on the right side of the hallway, I claimed the bigger one so we have a tad more space than the girls. ‘’nice’’ he says with a grin on his face.

hey guys, please let me know what you think of the book, and see the description if you want to be in the book! How earlier you comment how more chance you have to get an important role in the book! Love y’all ~Chesko

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