In a Flash

I'm entering the flash contest , hope you like it ,


1. the flash fiction

~~Speed was something I had since I was a kid. It is the reason why my mother gave me away. She told my father I died.
Now I was here in central city. I saw Caitlyn. She was my brother’s girlfriend. I walked to her and smiled ‘ hi you must be Caitlyn , I am Brienna , Brienna Allen  I am barry’s sister ‘
She started laughing ‘ yeah right Barry doesn’t have a sister ‘
I grabbed her and brought her to a top of the mountain in 5 seconds.
Her jaw dropped ‘ you do look like him ‘
I nodded ‘ where is Barry ? I need to see him ‘
She sighed ‘ I’m on a date with him today , bring a date , we’’ll double date ‘
I laughed ‘ I don’t have a boyfriend ‘
She winked ‘ I’ll bring one for you , meet us at the club at 8 , be sexy ‘
She turned around to walk away but looked at me ‘ can you…? ‘
I nodded and brought her back down. She looked shocked ‘ so uhm see you at 8 ? ‘ I nodded ‘ when I’m sexy right ? ‘
She laughed and nodded ‘ yes ‘
I smirked ‘ you should wear sexy for my brother too , who knows what will happen after that ‘
She looked at me ‘ btw the guy I’m setting you up with is m ex and he is easy ‘
I shrugged ‘ I can be easy too ‘


Later that night I was getting ready for my meeting. I wore a black short dress and wore my hair up. I went to the club and I saw barry with Caitlyn  with another guy. Caithlyn saw me ‘ holy crap , you look hot ‘
Barry laughed ‘ hi you must be Caithlyn her friend , I’m Barry ‘
I nodded ‘ I know I’m brie , Brie Allen , your sister ‘
He laughed ‘ you’re joking ‘
I shook my head ‘ no ‘ I waked to my the other guy and smiled ‘ I geuss you are my date ‘
He looked at Caithlyn and she nodded. He pulled me closer ‘ yes I am , I’m Ronnie ‘
I bit my lip to seduce him ‘ you heard my name , want to dance ? ‘
He nodded and I pulled him to the dance floor. I threw my hands around him and we started to move. He pressed his body against me. I leaned in and kissed him.
He seemed surprised ‘ you are a great kisser ‘
I smiled ‘ why are you surprised ? ’
He shook his head ‘ I’m not I’m just surprised that you kissed me ’
I shrugged ‘ Guess I’m into you ’
I saw Barry whispering something in caithlyn her ear and raced up to me. The next moment I was in a building.
I glared at him ‘I was having fun over there‘
A guy came between us ‘ Barry is this my birthday ? she’s hot ! ‘
I stared at him and laughed.
Barry glared back at me ‘ Brie , I believe you are my sister , I once found pictures of you , what happened ‘
I sighed  ‘ just like you , I’m really fast , my mom send me away because of that. She told dad I was dead ‘
He hugged me ‘ I’m glad you re here ‘
I nodded ‘ me 2 , how are mom and dad ‘
He sighed ‘ mom died and dad well for now he is fine but he was in jail for her death ‘
I sighed ‘ I want to see him ‘
He nodded ‘ you will soon , I promise  you ‘
Ronnie and Caitlyn came in. Ronnie walked up to me and put a hand around me. The other guy pouted ‘ I thought Barry brought you for me ‘
Barry laughed ‘ Cisco this is my sister Brie , Brie this is my friend Cisco ‘
I smiled ‘ Hi cisco ‘
He sounded dreamy ‘ can you say that again ‘
Ronnie shook his head ‘ no you can’t ‘
He looked at me ‘ want to get out of here ? and dance again ? at my place ? ‘
I liked my lips ‘ I’m starving ‘
He blushed ‘ I have pizza ‘
I grabbed his face ‘ then I’m in , I love pizza ‘
Caitlyn smiled ‘ I knew you would find someone who loves pizza as much as you do ‘
He took my hand and we walked away together. We picked up a pizza and he took me to his place. He put up some music and we enjoyed the pizza.
Suddenly lost without you by Robin thick came on and he took my hand. ‘ I know this may seem soon but I like you ‘
I nodded ‘ I like you too ‘
He spun me around , pulled me closer and kissed me. I took of his shirt and he did the same with my dress . He put me on his bed and started to kiss my body. I took of his pants and he took of my bra.
He played with my breasts and it felt amazing. I took of my underwear and I was completely naked. He did the same with his boxers and revealed his best friend.
He entered me and started to move inside me. Up and down nice and slow.
He kissed my neck which caused me to moan. He smirked at the sound of that. ‘ can we go on another date ? ‘
I nodded ‘ sure why not ? ‘
He kissed me again ‘ I haven’t felt like this since Caitlyn ‘
I smiled ‘ good and I aint going nowhere ‘

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