Fan or girlfriend?

Rebecca Thornton and her dad live together in England, after a while her dad got fired from his job leaving him with one option, to take him and his daughter to Australia, Sydney. When she arrives she realises that her next door neighbour is Luke Hemmings.....will they ever get together and make out? Read and see....


1. 💎About me💎

Hey guys!

This is my very first fan fiction so I'm so excited to write it

I'm really bad at english so if you give me hate about it I would understand😂 I wanted to challenge myself as I am moving into a really good school👏 I have a huge addiction on 5sos and they have inspired me so much to sing. I really do wish they will notice me but that would probably be in my dreams😂👏  

my Instagram is anhh.thuu_x please follow and I will try to spam you❤️ Love you

thu xx

ps also follow some of my friends 



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