Born to Die

A short story.

Every second we live, we are dying. But after we die, then we can live.


1. Born to Die

She screams and cries, thrashing about like a mad woman. Perhaps that is what she is. Mad.

The cold wind bites into her like a crazy dog, its poison wrapping itself around her in a tight layer of death. The pain is becoming too much for her, and she knows that she can't do anything to stop it, not without dying. She can't do that. She's scared.

"Save me!" she whimpers, a single tear leaking out her eye. "Please."


That's when everything disappears.



When Dawn Corsa wakes up, she is in a blinding white room which is a bit like a hospital ward, except without the hideous smell and surrounding beds and the faint bleep bleep bleep of a heart monitor. "Where the hell am I?" she shouts, sitting up from her crumpled heap on the ground. "Well? Are you goona tell me, or what?" Apparently, she doesn't realise that she is alone.




Obviously not. After all, what angel is born out of wedlock?


A figure appears in the distance, a smudge of grey in white, a perfect imperfection. "Hello," the figure says as it reaches Dawn, taking her by the hand. "I'm Aaron."


"What the hell is going on?" Dawn demands again as Aareon chuckles.


"There's no Hell here. This isheaven."


"Wait, if this is Heaven... Am I dead?"


"Yep," Aaron confirms with a smirk. "Now, come on. It's time to really live!"



And with that they leave, ready to live their death.

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