Better Than Good Enough

You are just one normal girl that is a fan of 5 seconds of Summer, you find yourself as the biggest fan. Luke Hemmings is your favorite of the band. The band takes your mind of of things, you are depressed, people bully you and no one helps you with your problems. You only have one friend named Bella. You self harm and think your not good enough. But according to Luke you are


1. Chapter 1

You wake up in your house in your nice comfy bed. *Beep* your phone says, you check it and it reads

"hey want to go to Starbucks and hang out today at 2:00?" your best friend Bella says

you reply with "yeah, can't wait xx"

you get up and take a shower that wakes you up, you change into your Narvana shirt and ripped jeans with black combat boots. you do your makeup pretty natrual because you hate too much makeup. your hair is in a simple messy bun.

It's 12:00 and you still have some time to kill so you watch 5SOS interviews on your laptop. You fall asleep and when you wake up it's 1:45 "crap" you say "I need to go", you rush out the door and it's 1:50. When your walking down the street to Starbucks a hand grabs your arm and pulls you towards them.

Sorry it's a quick chapter guys I'm making these short 👍

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