Harry styles imagines

Some Harry Styles imagines I made myself enjoy!


1. 1: Best friends or More

Jenna's P.O.V.

I was texting Harry. He is my best friend/crush. Now I know what you're thinking that this is the cliche story were the two best friends love each other but are afraid to admit their feelings because their not sure if the other feels the same. Well let me tell you that it's not true as much as I wish and believe me even I thought it was like that I almost confessed my feelings for him today but I'm glad he decided to speak first because if not I would be in serious trouble right now. You know why? No well I'm gonna tell you. Right now he's preparing the stuff for his date tomorrow. Sadly that girl is not me. I always knew this day will come I just thought I would be prepared. But judging by my state right now I said I wasn't the lightless prepared. I'm currently sitting in my bed looking at an old photo album of me and Harry when we were younger. I was looking through the photos feeling miserable. I wish I could go back to that time when we didn't even knew what love was and we didn't care about it we were just happy with each other. Now he's preparing everything for his perfect date and I'm here feeling miserable. I put the album on the night stand beside my bed and went downstairs. I look in the fridge and found some Ben and Jerry's chocolate ice cream. I took the tub of ice cream and a spoon and went to my room I put on the notebook. I sat down on my bed and started eating the ice cream. I hope this will help me forget Harry for a while I mean this works in movies. The girl cries over the guy then eats ice cream while watching the notebook and bam the next day everything is okay again an the girl is ready to take revenge. Not that I would ever take revenge on Harry. I couldn't concentrate in the movie. Heck I don't even know half of the things that happened. I was only focusing on eating the ice cream and thinking about Harry while crying a bit. It was 11:35 when the movie ended. I put the now empty tub of ice cream in the floor next to the bed. This was supposed to make me feel better! I turned the tv off and grabbed the tub of ice cream and went downstairs to throw it on the trash can. I was making my way upstairs when I heard a knock on the door. I sighed I'm so not in the mood for visitors right now. Besides its almost midnight who comes at this hour to visit. I opened the door to reveal a smiling Harry. Oh you don't know how much I want to throw the door at his face to wipe that pretty smile of off his face.

-Wow you look like shit what happened to you?- he said entering the house.

-Nice to see you too, don't worry I'm fine thanks for asking- I said sarcastically

-Well someone is in a bad mood today-

I just ignored him and went to my room. Maybe he will get the hint that I don't want to be near him anymore and leave. Sadly that was not the case because he followed me. He sat down on my bed and patted the spot next to him. I sat down and he put and arm around my shoulder and started playing with my hair. I like it when he plays with my hair. I feel kind of sad realizing this is probably the last time he's gonna do that because if everything goes right soon he's gonna have a girlfriend and we aren't gonna be spending any more time alone like this.

-Why did you come here this late?-

-What? I can't come to visit my best friend now?- he said sitting next to me

-Well it's kind of late-

-I know but I wanted to spend some time with you-

-I was about to go to sleep-


-It's ok, so how it's the date thing going?-

-Perfect there's only one thing left to do-

-Oh what's is it?- I said yawning a little I'm getting tired

-Ask the girl to go on a date with me-

-Wow Harry you are such an idiot. I can't believe you spent the whole night preparing everything for a date and you haven't asked her out. What if she says No?-

-I'm pretty sure she is gonna say yes haven't you looked at me I'm irresistible-

-You are so full of yourself besides how can you be so sure?-

-Because I've know her for a long time now and I'm almost sure she feels the same way-

-Okay, Harry, I'm tired-

-Then go to sleep- he said still playing with my hair.

I was expecting him to leave but hey I'm not complaining. I snuggle closer to him and like that I feel asleep.

< next morning >

I open my eyes to see that I'm cuddling with someone. I look up and see it's Harry. Then I remember I fell asleep on him. I thought he was gonna leave when I fell asleep guess he had other plans. It feels so good to be here in his arms. It's moments like this that made me think that he liked me back. I mean everyone who sees us like this right now would think we are a couple. I mean what kind of best friends cuddle up like this. I mean I have my hands around Harrys waist and my head is on his chest. Our legs are tangled together and he has his around me pulling me close to him. I closed my eyes and enjoy the moment this is probably the last time that we're going to cuddle like this. I felt him moving a bit so that means he's waking up. I was moving so he could have his space but he just tighten his grip around me.

-Lets just stay like this for a while- he said in his sexy morning voice

-Okay- I said

We stayed like that for a while talking. I wanted to tell him that I love him but I just couldn't ruin his date today. He seemed so happy and that's what I want for him to be happy.

-I think we should get up Im hungry-I said


We went downstairs and mom was making breakfast. She looked at me and Harry. She was used to Harry coming here late and staying the night and honestly she didn't mind we have been friends since we were little kids.

-Sit down breakfast it's almost done- said mom

We both sat down and mum made some of his famous pancakes. They were chocolate chip pancakes with Nutella. She always puts some whipped cream with a strawberry. She put the 3 plates on the table and sat down to eat with us. We finished eating and now Harry was helping me clean the dishes. Soon there was a knock on the door and then someone opened it. I heard some footsteps and then the rest of the guys enter the kitchen.

-Hey guys- I said giving each a hug

-What are you doing here?-

-Were here to pick up Harry because there's something he needs to do for his date tonight-said Louis

And thats how I went from a smiling face to a frown in 5 seconds.

-Oh okay then-

-Bye Jen- said Harry


He left with the rest of the guys. I feel horrible right now. I was washing the last plate when mom entered the kitchen.

-Hey mom-

-Hey, wanna talk about it?-

-About what?-

Does she know I like Harry?

-I know you like him Jenna I'm your mother. Now tell me how are you feeling-

-It Hurts so freaking much mom, I love him why can't he see it?-

That's when I broke down crying. Mom came to hug me.

-I'm sure he will realize soon-

I whipped some tears from my eyes.

-I'm going to my room- I said


I went to my room and went to the closet. There I saw it laying on the ground covering a lot of space was the giant teddy bear Harry bought me some time ago for my birthday. I love it but sadly I don't have a place to put it because it's so big. I got it out and dusted it off. I put it on my bed and laughed seeing it cover most of it. I love this thing it's so big and fluffy. I climbed on top of the bear and hugged it. I slowly started drifting off to sleep again.

< 5 hours later >

I woke up about two hours ago. I'm now watching pretty little liars. I was really into the show. I was going to put the last episode of the first season. When someone knocked on the door. Oh Cmon really! I decided to ignore it. I'm not in the mood. I kept watching tv and suddenly the door opened. It must be the boys. Soon they entered the living room.

-I told you she was here and just didn't want to open us the door. See I was right Liam- said Louis

-Fine you were right- said Liam

-I'm trying to watch something here so shut up!- I said

-Oh Jenna's got some attitude- said Zayn

-Yeah whatever- I said

-Cmon stand up we are taking you out- said Niall

-Sorry I can't, I'm busy- I said trying not to pay attention to them

-You are going wherever you like it or not- they said standing in front of the tv.

-Cmon I just want to watch some tv and forget about Harry and his stupid date- I said then instantly regret it none of them knew about my crush on Harry I just hope they didn't hear that.

-Why do you want to forget about Harry and his stupid date?- said Zayn

-None of your business- I said

-Cmon don't deny it we know you have feelings for Harry-said Zayn

I sighed.

-Yeah I do but it doesn't matter because he's on a date right now and I'm here at home feeling miserable-

-And that why we are here- said Louis

-We came to take you out so you don't have to stay here feeling miserable- said Niall

-Fine, lets go- I said standing up

I walked to the car and sat on the back seat with Zayn and Niall. Louis was driving and Liam was in the passengers seat.

-Were are we going?- I asked

-I don't know we're just gonna drive around for a bit- said Louis

-Okay- I said

Louis turned up the radio and we all started singing. Five songs later I was tired. I look out the window and saw we were going to Harry and I's favorite spot. It was like a hill and on the top was a tree we would always go there when we wanted to be alone. It was beautiful and at night you could see the whole city. I was about to ask the guys why we were going there when the car stopped. I looked at Louis confused.

-Why did you stopped?-

-We ran out of gas- he said

-Oh Cmon really?-


We all got out of the car. I sighed this is great just what I needed. I checked my phone and I had no reception here. I'm gonna climb the hill to see if I find better phone reception there.

-Okay-Said Zayn

I climb up the hill looking at my phone hopping to find signal to make a call to mom. I was almost up in the hill when I noticed something seems oddly different but I can't see anything is really dark. I accidentally step on something and suddenly the tree lights up. I got scared but then I realized it was covered in Christmas lights. It looked beautiful. I also notice the picnic basket next to the tree and a blanket laying on the floor. This looks so romantic. Wait what if I'm ruining someone's surprise. I was about to leave when I heard someone talking behind the tree. A voice I recognize anywhere Harrys voice.

-I remember when we first met that day at the park. We were just six year olds playing on the park. Our moms became friends too and we saw each other a lot. Since then we became best friends. I enjoy spending time with you. Through the years I realized

That I have feelings for you. I fell for you. You are the best things that has happened to me and I'm so glad that we became best friends. I love everything about you. Your smile, your laugh, your eyes, the way you bite your thumb nail when you nervous, they way you blush every time I compliment you, how you always know how to make me feel better and lighten up my day just by being by my side. In fact I love all of you. I know I waited a lot of time to tell you this but I was scared I'm glad I had some help of the guys to realize that you feel the same way. I know this is a little late but Jenna would you go out on a date with me?-

-YES!- I told him excited.

He came to me and gave me a hug spinning me around.

-I love you so much Harry. I don't care that its our first date I had waited for so long to tell you that-

-I love you too Jenna so don't worry-

He took my hand and we both sat down in the blanket. That when I remember what I came here for the guys ran out of gas.

-Harry! The guys ran out of gas and they don't ha... Wait a minute they did that on purpose didn't they?-

-Yes it was the perfect plan-

-You idiot-

-Yeah well I am your idiot-

-And I wouldn't have it any other way- I said smiling

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