The Other Side

What if your whole life was a lie. What if everything you've ever believed comes tumbling down right in front of you, unraveling the truth. For my entire life, I have believed I am someone I'm not.
Now nothing is the same.
Now, who I was yesterday is not who I am today.


1. Prologue

Silence was all that could be heard until the sound of birds flocking from the trees interrupted. The rustling of the leaves was fast, as if the hurry was caused by fear. The sound of shushing filled my ears, putting my walking to a halt, as a familiar hand covered my mouth with the attempt of holding back any noise I had wished to make. Looking up, I watched my sister crouch down and make hand motions, waving up and down. Copying her, I crouched down, trying to not move my feet in case the dry leaves below them ruined our act of silence. I looked her in the face. She looked extremely alert, as if the fear from the birds had been contagious, making her just as scared as they were when they fled their homes. Her ocean blue eyes widened, and she gripped her hand slightly tighter, pushing it into my lips. Footsteps crept our way. The hand over my face dropped. Leaning forward, I peered past the tree which we knelt down behind. I gasped. The sight of a wolf sniffing around on the ground, glaring with his hard yellow eyes, almost ready to grab whatever makes movement, killing it in an instant. I watched as his nose twitched up, smelling something new. I got a glimpse of his teeth that he bared to the open. A stick snapped in what seemed to sound like the far distance. The wolf shot his head up. I looked behind me, in the direction which some careless animal had taken the wrong step. I couldn’t make out the animal as it was too far and blurred, hidden behind tall trees, but by what I could see, it looked like a deer or antelope. I spun my head back around to see the wolves eyes focused on us. Shit. I didn’t have time to think about my actions. I stood up, stood tall and inhaled sharply. I held my breath. Trembling, I looked at my sister who slowly raised back to her feet. The wolf put its head up, nose up in the air, and howled. Without further due, I gripped onto my sister’s hand and she pulled me in the opposite direction to the wolf. My feet carried me faster than they ever had before. I didn’t need to look back to know the wolf was following us, I could hear its footsteps chasing us, eyes tracing us, watching every move we make. My sister let go of my hand and continued to run. More footsteps. I could hear them. The wolf had called for his friends, getting his pack to help with their kill- us. I didn’t look down to see where I was going, I was too busy dodging and swerving around trees. And with that, I tripped. I’ve always been clumsy, but in a time like this I guess I could have only hoped to have balance for once. I tripped over some stick which had obviously fallen from one of the trees around me. I rolled along the ground, ending it on my back. Within two split seconds, the wolf was over me, drool dripping from its face. I felt his claws scratch me, right along the side of my neck, pulling down on my hair. I closed my eyes and swallowed, holding back my urge to scream.

“Amelia!” Instead, my sister screeched. I couldn’t see her, but I heard her run towards me and the pack of wolves. What was she doing? She’s going to get herself killed! I whined, tears forming in my eyes. I was too scared to call out to her, instructing her to turn back around and save herself. I cupped my hands over my mouth, so the wolf couldn’t hear my heavy breathing. I tightened my eyes shut, squeezing all the tears to run down my face. I started to hyperventilate. I lay there, oblivious to everything which was happening. Then, the thick coated creature went flying backwards, slamming into a tree. I quickly came to my feet. I turned around, but instead of seeing my sister, a guy stood there. I didn’t stop to think, I ran straight into his arms and burst into tears. He wrapped his arms around me. “Shh. It’s okay.” He crouched down with me when my knees gave way, causing me to fall down. He tightened his grip. The warmth of him calmed me. I felt safe. I looked up at him, his brown eyes were soft, looking right into mine. I turned away and saw my sister standing there, backing away from the pack of wolves. And then, with the blink of an eye, a fire appeared before her. The flames lit up the trees, ready to burn everything in its path. I watched as the wolves backed up, slowly stepping in a direction which was away from the heat extracting from the flames. The wolves were captured behind the barrier, blocking them from us. I closed my eyes tightly, and stayed cuddled up to the boy who had his arms around me. My breathing slowed down and the colour of the red fire faded, the trees faded, the world around me faded, all that was left was the stranger and I. I lost all feeling, apart from his body warmth which I was absorbing. I passed out.


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