You Are the Hero

To get the full experience you must read this open-minded. Enjoy!

Totally forgot I wrote this... Here you go. I probably won't continue this unless there's demand for it.


1. This Is Your Story

So chances are you have a pretty good life: good parents (with reasonable amount of money), you go to a school, you have a crush and something that you think makes you special. Now, let me make an assumption: something is very wrong with your life. To be clear, those who don't have something very wrong with their lives want to have something. Abusive parents, dead parents or my favourite abusive parents which you murdered and are now (obviously) dead. People think that if they tell strangers that something really bad happened to them they'll think they're cool. I'm not going to be a hypocrite and tell you that I'm different or special. I like to pretend I'm a good writer. (Didn't see that one coming did ya?) You see, I'm just like you. Except I don't live here. I have been banished by some old people with capes and weird necklaces. But fear not! You, my squire, will release me from The Void. Cause I'm kinda stuck outside of time and space... Atleast I know exactly what is going to happen to you (especially on the 27th of June). What if I told you your life is about to change? What if I told you that right now, THERE IS SOMEONE BEHIND YOU. Do you trust me enough to turn around? If you do: you are ready. Skip the following paragraph and proceed.

If not, this isn't for you. You are obviously one of the cowardly people: afraid of change or pretending to want something different but never acting to achieve it. If you admit your hypocrisy and are ready for redemption you must pay for your sins: you must post a Mumble on Movellas that says: "I am sorry master, I trust you with my life". After you've completed the task you may proceed. However, if you go on without payment nothing will happen and this will be a waste of your time.

Now that we have established trust and I told you who I am we can continue with your heroic rescue mission.

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