Welcome to storybrooke

Sisters Bella and Lindsey are forced to move to town called storybrooke because of her mom's work. Initially Bella thinks she gonna love storybrooke. But when the fairytale charm of the town becomes a little too real, Bella suspects something bad is going on. And the mayor Regina has a big role in it


1. pack your bags


I wake to hear my sister screaming this. I glance at the clock and it's 4:00 am. the stomping feet quickly make their way over to my room and the light goes on.

" mom says to pack your bags, were moving"

There's no need to rub the sleep out of my eyes those words can wake me up quicker than any coffee.

"What, we Can't move. We've only been here one month.. I have friends and-"

My sister stops me before I can say anything else.

" well why don't you tell mom that"

I guess there was no use into talking her out of it. I was used to this kind of stuff. You see mom was an antique maniac. And nothing mattered more to her than antique stuff. She was also an anthropologist which meant she studied culture and society. Well anyways she was always moving to have more opportunities to learn more. And that meant me and Lindsey had to be really good at making new friends and adgusting to new places.

" come on girls move it, we have a plane to catch"

The really annoying thing is that mom tells us we are moving when we are in the actual process of moving. I guess she does it so we don't have time to complain or overthink it, I guess she wants us to live in the present.

We get in the car and everyone is silent.

" so mom where are we moving to" I ask

" this quaint little town in Maine called STORYBROOKE"

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