New movella

A poetry written and produced with a purpose of motivating fellas here about how to stay in the game when stuck in hard times. Sometimes, when we fall, we have to fall forward instead of backward


1. Battlefield

The pit of hell is in battlefield

Where lives are sacrificed and blood is shed

In restoring peace and freedom

For the sake of all

Heart thumping loudly and furiously

Anticipation bubbling within

Fear and doubts coming along the way

Nonethless, remain passive and brave

Face masked in bravery and nonchalance

Appearing all gallant and mighty

Not showing signs of weakness

Thus, ready at all times

Being vigilant and cautious

Aware of the surroundings

In case enemies devise a trap

To beat us down

Rushing footsteps and roaring hoots approaching

Indicating that war is about to start

Lives are to be taken mercilessly

Fear slowly bubbling within

However, once body is charged forward

Hands instantly make their way to swords

Adrenaline starts kicking in

Being all energetic to win this war

Though not sure who will win

Thus victory and safety not guaranteed

Negative thoughts are soon replaced

By zeal and enthusiasm

Despite knowing that death is imminent

Having a number of lifeless bodies scattering on the ground

Heart and mental unwavered

Knowing that there is still a chance

Miracle does not only happen in tales

It also takes place in reality

Disguising in memorirs

That will eventually broaden the horizon of the mind

Size and power does not determine

The outcome of the war, but

What matters is strategy

And devotion put in it

Thus, a good cooperation with comrades

Could be beneficial in claiming victory

Despite how hard

The current circumstances are

Victory gained goes hand in hand

With loss risked

One will survive while the other dies

That is the whole ordeal

Of how war ends

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