Jace Lightwood

The teenage life of Jace and Clary after the end of the war and Sebastian's death.


1. Chapter 1

''I win.'' Clary smirked. She was straddling Jace on the mat, knife pressed to his neck, in the training room. Jace was genuinely shocked- the fact that Clary beat him, the amazing Jace Lightwood, was definitely something. But, after all, she was trained by the best. But he hadn't taught her half of the moves she used on him..

''Clary, how did you manaage to do those flips? I don't think I've taught you them yet.'' Jace asked Clary, still pinned to the mat.

''I got my fighting skills- mom had been training me for the whole of my life- well, most of it- but they got wiped away with my memories. Magnus got my memory back for me yesterday. Some of it isn't nice, but at least I know how to fight now; I'm even better than you!'' Clary said, sticking her tongue out at the end.

An evil glint came into Jace's eye, and he grabbed Clary's hips then pulled her onto him. She gasped, and he grinned. Lifting her up, he pressed her against the wall and kissed her, running his hands up and down her. At first the kisss was gentle, but it got more fierce. He licked her bottom lip, and she let his tongue in. Minutes later, they were in full make-out mode, moaning loudly.

''You two can't keep your hands off each other for ten minutes.'' Izzy opened the training room door, and stepped in, smirking. Her face showed absolute disgust when she saw Clary and Jace. They turned to face Izzy immediately, hot and bothered. Clary's lips were swollen, clothes slightly out of place, and neck covered with love-bites. Jace's hair was ruffled, and his trousers hung loose to his body.

''Izzzyyyyyy stop interuppting me and Clary's make-out sessions all the time!'' Jace groaned, still gripping Clary's exposed thigh. Clary giggled.

"Ewwww as if I want to see my arrogant brother and best friend getting it on. Get a room, you two; some of us have to train." Izzy wrinkled up her nose.

"That's not what you'd say to Simon." Clary replied, suddenly thinking of a good comeback. Jace smirked with pride.

"Jace, why are you still having sex with Clary when I'm still standing here talking?" Izzy said, abandoning all attempts of thinking of a good comeback.

"I see no problem." Jace said, faking innocence. He was running his hand up Clary's thigh, and squeezing it. Izzy was disgusted.

Alec choose that exact moment to wall through the doors of the training room. He stopped, yelled "my eyes!", turned back around and ran back down the corridor and into his bedroom to recover.

"Anyway, Clary, you're getting a new trainer because Maryse knows that you have your memories back and wants to get someone who will be an extreme challenge for you and can teach you the advance tricks."

"But I am the BEST!" Jace protested.

"Apparently not, Jace. And, even though you do know the advance tricks, you'd just make-out with Clary all the time. And Clary's better than you." Izzy smirked. It felt good to say that.

"Who is she?" Clary, much calmer than Jace, asked Izzy.

"She? It's a he. A smoking hot he. Oh my god, he has enormous muscles and amazing hair AND eyes. And a sparkling smile..." Izzy went off into a daydream.

"What? Like Edward Cullen?" Jace mocked.

"No- he's a famous Shadowhunter. A famous, SINGLE Shadowhunter who loves redheads!" Izzy practically squealed, jumping up and down.

Jace possessively wrapped a muscly arm around Clary.

"When is he coming?" Jace growled.

"Tomorrow!" Izzy squealed again.

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