YU GI OH and The Legend of the Crystal Heart


1. The Heart Awakens

Yu GI Oh! 
the Legend of the Crystal Heart
Ch.1 The Heart awakens

The final duet of the tourment was nearly over. Stacey Martyr had 2000 life points and her opponent Alex Masters had 2500. Alex who was very slender and had blonde spikey hair and blue eyes, smiled across at the tall and slender pretty brunette and asked her, "What made an nobody like you actually believe you would stand a chance against me?" Stacey smiled back, her aqua green flashing replied "It seems your judgement is rather poor." as she flipped her long brown hair over her slender shoulder.

 Alex doubled over laughing and said, "My judgement is never poor". Stacey laughed as well and said, "Well I shall prove you wrong considering it's my move". Alex said, "Oh you have no chance against my monsters so just make your move so I can end this."

Stacey smiled and said, "I'll be the one who will end this duel." Alex gasped, "But how?" Stacey smiled and replied,"It's quite simple my friend. As you can see I have a total of four Lightsworn monsters in my graveyard which means I can special summon by paying 1000 life points, The Judgement Dragon". 

Alex could only watch with shock as all his monsters were destroyed instantly.Stacey said with a smile ,"And now Alex, since you are now defenseless you are just one attack anyway from losing. My monster has over 3000 attack points which is more than enough to wipe you out. It's been fun Alex. Judgement Dragon, attack his life points now".

The crowd went wild as Alex's life points hit. Alex cried out ,"No!!! How could this be?" 
Stacey said," Alex, is it really the end of the world? It was fun. Can't you lighten up?" Alex glared at her and walked away from the platform without saying another word. The tall offical said," Now was that a duel or what people? The final match has been decided. The crowning ceremony will begin in 15 minutes"

Stacey Martyr climbed the stage's stairs and walked to the center of the stage waving to the roaring crowd. The offical said, "I'm please to annouce this year's Duel Monsters World Champion, Stacey Martyr!" Stacey smiled boldly. 

This was a broadcast on many household TVs around the world. 
In an small town shop, a slightly hunched over, nearly bald man stood staring at his televison screen. The wrinkles on his cheeks and around his eyes revealed wisdom and with it old age.

Back at the stage, an news reporter named Lisa Smith greeted Stacey," Congrats on your impressive victory today.Tell me, how do you feel?" 
Stacey smiled and replied, "I'm honored to be given this title. I just had a lot of fun. Thank you". The reporter said "Please for the record state your name again"  Stacey smiled "Full name is Anastasia Martyr but friends know me as Stacey" she said.

 Meanwhile back at small shop as soon as Stacey declared her full name a bright light filled the small room as the crystal heart activated. The shopkeeper stared with shock as a spirit of a young man appeared in front of him.

"Human, who are you?" The Spirit demanded. The shopkeeper finally found his voice "Thomas Olson is my name". The Spirit looked confused and said " It just can't be. How could you activated it?" 

Thomas replied "Spirit I didn't but i think I know. Please follow". as he walked back to the TV and rewinded the DVR. When the image of Stacey returned on screen.The Spirit was silent for awhile. He said in awe "Yes she's the one. She's a descendant. I can tell." The Spirit declared " The crystal heart must be reunited with her". 

Thomas asked "What's so special about the heart"?The Spirit replied "I will explain about the Martyr clan. You will need to know so you can tell her". Thomas asked "Spirit, why can't you? "Human,when the crystal heart was activated, it set my spirit free. I can now finally rest in peace, thanks to you. 
Think of it as an reward for helping me." The Spirit replied. 

Thomas said "Okay Spirit. I'm ready for the story" The Spirit closed his eyes and begun telling the story " Thousands of years ago, the Martyr clan was a powerful force. The source of our power was the crystal heart. Our founders created it and only a Martyr could control its powers. One day things changed for us. There was a grave threat. Our clan was forced to separate. Our people was slowly disapearing from earth. Soon it was just myself and a handful of us left. I sealed myself within the crystal heart and it was hidden away and the rest of the clan went into hiding".

Thomas said "Wow. What was the threat?" The Spirit replied "He was a powerful wizard who was evil and hated our clan. Rumor has it that he traded his soul for the power to destroy us." Thomas asked "What happened to him". The Spirit replied "I'm guessing once it seemed our clan was extinct,he had no reason to live anymore so he was taken. Our clan was never as powerful as it was before. The source of our power was lost until now. Where did you find it human?" Thomas replied "I was digging. It was an accident". 

"No human" The Spirit said "You were destined to find it". Thomas asked "But why"? The Spirit replied "The reasons will be made clear in due time. You know what you must do. Find Stacey Martyr and restore her powers". Thomas nods" I will" he said. The Spirit said"My time is up. Farewell" and he slowly vanished.

 Thomas became filled with purpose. He went straight to the computer and looked up Stacey's contact information. He was happy to see that Stacey didn't live that far away.

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