It's Halloween and Mackenzie is warned by her parents by bad boys read to find out if she can handle bad boy luke hemmings dressed as a vampire !


1. chapter 1 the start

Hi my name is Mackenzie I am 17 and I live in Sydney Australia it's 1 day till Halloween and I have to I shopping with my friends for a costume . I got a

Texted from Shelby my best friend

S= Shelby M= Mackenzie

S - you coming or not I am out side of your house I brought the jeep you like 😉

M- ye sure I will be there in 10 mins ok ?

S- ok don't be too long !

I get up and put on a grey hoodie and some black leggings and white converses , I grab a banana and head out the door

Hey Shelby !!!!

Oh hey come on we gotta go

Ok !

We head into the shop ! I look around the costumes to find a army outfit I love I am so getting this !

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